Caught up?

Sexuality, whether we like it or not, is a part of us and of course, it can be totally misused and taken to the extremes. It’s a person’s sexual persona. With respect to ourselves and our fellow humans; choose to do so healthily, within boundaries and respect. We are allowed to explore that within measure. Although this kind of sensuous vibes, boosts up our ego’s greatly; music just gives us a larger than life excitability that can be taken out of context.It’s definitely no secret that music has a grand influence on lives. Music tingles emotion, installing excitement, joyful vibes, to being our friend through hard times. It can also pump up an aspect of us. That said; our sexualities.

Being aware of this I recently came across some news stating that R&B singer Usher has herpes.

Now boys and girls even, who think that going around popping pelvises and love being glorified for being a player please, take a seat.

“My momma told me
be careful who you do cuz karma comes back around
same old’ song
But I was so sure
that it wouldn’t happen to me
Cuz I know how to put it down
But I was so wrong”


Usher wrote these lyrics (and man do I love me some usher) but the fact he wrote plenty songs such as: Daddy’s home, Candle you handle it? And caught up, then Herpes CAUGHT UP to him, teaches you a lesson. The depths of these lyrics say it all. You put it out wrong, you get it back wrong. Simple as.


For a star like him to have this sexual disease to me has a strong impact. That someone so big in the industry: could demonstrate such ego, with the player title, goes to show how UN invincible he is. No matter how many girls, groupies and grand’s the man is stacking up: the dear boy still caught Herpes.



Sex, traditionally, religiously from its oldest roots is used to procreate. On top of this, it’s used to tightened bonds romantically between people to person. It’s both a cherished and abused form of intimacy.

Spiritual studies like : Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch , states that we won’t get punished for being promiscuous, however, those who ‘ just have sex’ rather than ‘ make love’ will eventually get fed up. That people can get carried away by it bothers me.

When it comes to mainstream music expressing its views on sexuality, I’m its cheerleader. It’s said that women are more criticized for it (you know the old notion that it’s so much more a man’s thing than a woman’s). However, I can’t kid about that its glorification can encourage men and women to get their grooves on perhaps: because of its glorification. Both sexes have the right to voice their sexuality.It hasn’t been hidden in music at all. Like everything aspect of human ego and soul, music highlights both massively.

Christina Aguilera was back in the day, both slammed and celebrated for it. Little Mix has taken the lead doing it and males like Usher and R.Kelly and all sorts do it too. Beyonce once said that “Sexuality is powerful”. Which is true, but usually ego led.

We non singers must learn to understand a song is a song. It’s not our being; therefore it cannot just stamp our identity. Singers use alter egos when performing for a stage presence. When a song is sung, it’s for a moment, so its act is for a moment. Once song is over, lights go and we return. Same as sex, we cannot take on our superhuman sexual costume and be lead by it. Having sex can be enjoyed. You can choose how you want to go about it.

See, wild ones, there ‘aint nothing wrong with a little bump and grind’ long as your protected and respected when doing so, you won’t have anything to worry about. Either you’re being careful, or down the sexual health clinic.


For a healthier selection, USE PROTECTION, isn’t worth all them injections,

 For that naked erection.



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