Compliments are ok , I guess.


I once read via instagram that: you can’t cash a compliment. Over the years, for as long as I can remember, I have been showered by tokens of love, and a glitter of lovely compliments that I shall take to the grave.  I have understood them to be tiny sunbeams of love.I fill up when they have been spoken to me in a moment or I extract them when I hit my down time to bring me back up.

But I have figured that compliments can be tough cookies. A hard thought to think I know, but one bite of one and you want one more. Next thing you know you’ve scoffed the whole box, only to realize they can be no good for you. I remember once reading in Don Miguel Ruiz book; the four agreements; not to take anything personally. That meant both the good and the bad. He explained that once we accept the bad stuff said to us, we take that on like black magic, and we become it. Same way when we accept the good, it comes up as white magic. We must understand that people say things to us because of who they are rather than whom we are not. I found this a hard pill to swallow. I understand that of bad, because often, what I’ve come to accept is that when people say of another or of myself, usually says everything I need to know about them.

It said also that when you live by a man’s compliments, you also live by his criticisms.  It’s almost like I can’t accept a compliment without feeling guilty about it. That I have to question every time whether a person means what they say about me, to my face especially and truly mean it. I don’t want to have to second guess whether the niceties were said just because someone was in a joyous mood. Or did they mean it? Did they want me to know something so special about myself and that will also empower me. It’s like: accepting sweets from a stranger. Back in the day were taught not to, because they might try to harm us. But some people really do hand out sweets when they have a packet full and they are faced with a child sitting near them on the bus. You offer them to be polite. You shouldn’t have to questions someone’s intentions, but unfortunately in our world, we have to be vigilant. It should have to be this way with compliments but I guess you’ll just have to.

I just can’t deny the feel good factor. I mean, sometimes some resonates with my truth. Other times, they highlight who I could be which is very motivational. It’s a compelling feeling to know someone shares with you what you thought your higher self to be. It shows how they see you in reference to your Godliness*.

Despite the negatives, I reckon someone who loves you truly, or sees something in you that they like; either wish to be like, or just become captivated by it, they want to sprinkle you some of that. We shouldn’t have to second guess them. Instead, look upon the source instead. Try checking out their intention.  See how it feels. Then treasure it.

Godliness* Your godlike qualities, Qualitiesof your highest self.



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