Your name is your title

Your name is your title.

Let me state it modestly: Your name is your title.

In the song: Ugly by the sugababes  the lyrics “Personality reflects name” indicates to me that whatever our name given to us at birth or changed during our time here is a high statement of who we are. Sometimes our names have delightful meanings via history, sometimes our names our chosen because they are liked by our parents. Other times, as I know in greek culture we are named by someone such as a relative. I know in celebrity culture they are often creatively put together or made up. Whatever it is, thats how us humans over here identify eachother.

Having a name gives us a little something. We cannot be known as “ That girl with the green coat, or that boy with dreadlocks”.  These  matters also can be added or substracted. We are crowned with a signature that everyone gets to use.

Picture this. Draw a spider diagram. In the middle of a sheet of paper, Place your name. After this, on each leg of your spider gram, write all things you are in association to everyone else. Be it: sister, mother, brother etc.   Your job title too. Then expand longer lines of legs and add words to describe yourself, what and who inspires you. Things you like, all beliefs etc. Use: spiritual &physical as headers, if you like. Invite your religion and culture if you will too. What wires you to be who you are and who you want to be?

Now, picture this: Imagine, Placing your job role in the middle, or your role in terms of who you are to others, or just one word of how you describe yourself.  Or any of the others, slap bam in the middle. It’ll knock all others out the water because you would’ve made your name replace with something that can be added or subtracted. This is because really, who you are cannot be added and subtracted. It’s the final stamp of who you are. Everything else is an attachment. Given to us by others, or ourselves.

Let’s take for example a manager. I have been told and advised, once too many times by my father that you aren’t suppose to like your managers.  But here, I beg to differ. My personal conclusion of this is as follows: It’s not the title of the job role that I could indeed be bothered by. It’s the person behind the title. To claim you a manager and to automatically take on some kind of status is where most are easily fooled. Many could play a king in the school play, wear the costumed crown and when show is over, and go back to the classroom. Not many can wear real crown jewels and rule a country. I remember in Spiderman the quote “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Some believe as soon as they get given the role that they can take advantage of the authority given. They do abuse this trust. This means that because they know they are professionally above in the workplace that they can demonize people working underneath them. They can talk down or even bully. Furthermore they know that this stuff can be quickly wiped under the carpet because of the power that their title holds. Clearly, imposing them an inflated ego where they can feel superior.  In the workplace they take on a God almighty role.   To say your job role is who you are and hold this as your identity is pretty sad.

Anyhow, being a manager has its wonders. Why not take on the role if you can do the job? This goes for the people who don’t get blown up by having been given a role that make them feel a little too big for their boots. Some are likeable. Some get people to work with motivation and love for what they do. A good manager is good natured. Their job role works because they work. Spiritually, they know who they are. Eckhart Tolle says that “You don’t have a life, YOU.ARE.LIFE” They know this with or without what’s attached to them.  They know they have responsibilities and that they have to construct people. A very good one leads by example. I do consider in the role of claiming management states: leadership. And what is leadership? : Inspiring people to follow your example. You can’t have someone preach love then demonstrate hate. You cannot have someone dictate orders which they themselves would not follow.  Its about not loosing your connection to the people and your personal Godliness.I admire people who are above me in any position doing as they want doing.  Its call dictatorship, when you call instructions. Its leadership when it’s being shown. It’s motivating. Leaders make people want to work. It is helpful when their character illuminates past their title because it gives a professional title more boost. A lot more respect and takes away the haunting that a bad example of a manager could give. You can be a good person and be a poor manager, and you can be a horrible person and be a satisfying manager.  But what good is that?  The higher you go the careful you most become, especially when it comes to a professional role. This is because by nature once we are told someone is above you, you perhaps become fearful because they know they’ve whipped some kind of authority above you.  With trust, we need to be sure these people can lead the way. If they are prepared to hide behind domination, they must be able to do the same offside work, with whoever they are. I can assure you; whoever devalues another to get work done is not powerful. Indeed they are powerless. You need to be extra gracious so you can get whatever you want done with grace given back to you  True power helps others tap into their own.

This can only be done when a person doesn’t need more or less to give them principle. That’s all under wrap. Ego doesn’t lead. It just takes a backseat, whilst the spirit knows how to supply. With this, a job role can boost an ego, but with complete awareness one knows: a job is a job. Life is life.

I remember hearing a sermon from Bishop Joel Peebles. He pointed out a true test of character was in relation to how one deal with the 3Gs from God: Gods Gold, Gods Glory and God’s girls.  So when you’re given extra roles in life you must choose to do so without letting it get to your head.

According to my spiritual values, God is not above or below but within. So whoever we are has nothing to do with our role on earth. Our purpose is to be ourselves fully.  Our job role can help bring this to shine, but it cannot draw the final curtain. The powerhouse of our being stands alone. It’s whoever we are at a standstill and all we want to expand from there. My sister states that “God is in all good things”. I really deem this as truth. When we want to extend ourselves by all good things, such as: Kindness and love, we step into our own Godliness. This cannot happen if your job role causes you to become the opposite of your true character or drop all your positive traits. Neale Donald Walsh says that ‘our purpose isn’t to learn but to remember who we are’. To me, that shows that everything we are can be added or subtracted from. Our truth is beyond any set badge or expression on our CV.

Your title is all to do with everything you stand for when you are alone, in your thoughts and in your being. To want to live fully.  Choosing your spiritual path to guide your way will give your name a glow no earthly title can give it. Your person is more important that your profession. Both should complement each other.  Guru Paramhansa Yogananda states ‘God as simple and everything else complex’. Your name is your title.  It should say the same. All grace should flow from it.



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