Lessons of Big God: Love and tough love.

Lessons of Big God: Love and tough love.

Marianne Williamson says it’s our choice whether we learn through pain or love. Regardless it is the same lesson. Martha Beck that God prefers to teach us through Joy, but sometimes Pain if you aren’t getting the message.

So here is my theory…

God teaches us through love, or through tough love.

I know this through experience and I know this truth resides in my heart. I was sceptical on the past when people claimed (actually religion) that God punishes us. I comprehend how much a God filled with much love and affection for us, will through us into burning flames and send animals to come after and kill us just because we speak a white lie, have a boyfriend, or don’t follow him through a religion. God is not so uptight. “God is not a punishing God” speaks Madonna Badger.

However, in life we trail though. There is no doubt that we don’t go through it waltzing through flowers fields and smiling in sunshine. But we do indeed go through our rough patches.  Through our storms, it’s not what happens to us that really changes us. It’s how we sail through firstly, and secondly, how to re think about it afterwards, in terms of how we decide how it changed us for the better. Without our struggles and all, As Tolle says “ There would be no depth to you as a human being”. So with this in us we need to understand:

God teaches us through love and through tough love.

Like any great parent or inspiring teacher. Because here is what God does… Firstly like any lesson, God teaches us with love. I have no doubt about that. Sometimes there will be tiny mystical clues that when we are spiritually awake we pick up upon sooner.  These are simple things like:  It’s what we choose to listen-how people speak on others is how they will speak about you. Things like Omens and how hearing the same, phrase or song twice or three times over a short period of time.  It’s all to do with how alert we are, during our earthly experience.

All the same, there’s only so much a loved one can take. Sometimes you can be told something time after time, be warned, be slightly awakened and still choose to play with fire. In this case: You may as well be burned. “Those who cannot hear do feel”.  Every so often, there are times when we must feel the burn in order for us to get the message. This has existent of God, but it has nothing to do with God directly. When God has tried through love, he will leave the rest to our universal karmic law and we will suffer by the hands of our own Karma. God cannot interfere with it anymore.   A great parent, guardian, or teacher will give you instructions, guide you a lot or little and then leave the rest up to you. They cannot: always walk by your side, do your homework for you, or hold your hand through everything. Eventually and always a path of lessons will require a little bit of everyone to help parade with you on your journey. The rest is all up to you.  Your spiritual adventure here is a deeply personal conversation between you as a little God and our highest power: The big God. How we are educated all comes down to how awake we are. The more we choose to see, instead of just to look , then we possibly have it easier.

Bigger blazes that we encounter are all to do with our soul’s evolution. I cannot tell you from where I stand every why and how as to what happens in your life. They say “what’s bad for your heart is good for your art”. In terms of being in flesh, I understand, the more pain, the more freedom the soul embarks. It’s tremendously difficult to see this, but always there much more meaning to our life events through a spiritual lens, rather than a fleshly view.

So next time anyone wants to claim its God trying to drown you, or beating you with a stick, try thinking about what may have brought you there in the first place. Do not in any case indulge heavily in self blame, just try look into your responsibility and try make the most of what love can teach you from there.



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