Big God, Little God.


Big God, Little God.

It was Einstein who said that if we couldn’t explain something to a six year old, and then we simply do not understand it.  It we cannot put it as simply as possible, round it up and mark it out, and then it’s clear we have had trouble. Something’s cannot be typed into a 140 character tweet, but they can be put plainly.

So, here is my idea about God.

Actually this is Elizabeth Gilberts:


(So yeah, you could fit that in one tweet and that’s that. You could most probably tell a six year old that and hope she or he would understand it, and fingers crossed ,in your heart they don’t take it with Ego and think they can stop world wars and try to control the weather).

I would just say  : we have a big God and we have a little God.

But in few words to me that is God. In any case to go on and teach that we indeed are one with God but it works in my eyes like this: We have a big God and we have a little God. The big God isn’t in the clouds, but is pretty much within us. As Rumi says “We aren’t a drop in the ocean, but we are the ocean in a single drop”. The Big God is the endless provider of love, joy, peace, and miracles. The little God, which ideally is no smaller than the big God, but in flesh you, could argue that. Is US. Because we are an expression of a Big God, we are that in ourselves. We do not have big responsibility (apart to be who we are to the fullest) which is huge enough. We cannot take on every worldly problem we cannot perform worldly miracles but we can do so, little ones all that is within our path. Whenever we lack low on our fuel of: love, peace, wisdom and understanding- we look up to a bigger source that can endlessly provide for us. Not up to the clouds, but up to our highest self and we can be filled again. From that element, I call this term our Godliness.

Our Godliness is our spiritual path. Our walk with God.  Its levels vary, like the seven chakra stages. Even still, we could live from a lower stage or a higher stage. Depending where we think God is. I reckon people who believe they are separate from God consistently just wait for some type of big explosive sign, or a voice that Dorothy experienced from the wizard of Oz behind the big screen. It’s a constant wait for life to happen. But Life happens whether we like it or not, but it’s up to us how much of our Godliness we choose to incorporate into it. Playing life safe is to accept that we are under Gods wing and a servant to rules.  To say that ‘we are expression of our own God, through our own Godliness’ would throw people out of the water. Of course we cannot be the big God, but we owe it to big God to be our little Godly selves.

As a retail assistant I hear plenty about age. Especially older women when they select clothes. Often I hear “I am far too old to be wearing that”. I once replied to one “that she must dress her character and not her age”. She seemed pleased with this. Not that it entirely convinced her to buy what she had wanted, but my words hit home. When I turn to an older age, would I stop and say that to myself? Would I put off something I like because of my biological age? Would I forget all my being because women of that age don’t touch colour, print or fashion?

So I took some time and I felt my words flow through me:

I live by spirit; I do not live by age. To live by age summons me to be in order with all women my age and to categorically slot myself into a box. I will stop my own self from growing if I do so. I know one should always connect to their highest source and live by spirit. We all age.  Nevertheless spirit never ages.  You cannot stop being yourself because you assume your scientific DNA tells you so.

There is a girl I fight for within. A youthful, energetic free spirit that child’s the secrets to my joy. Although I mature and evolve, I still choose a mix of her and the me writing this.  I recently watched a: TED talk’s speech by Anne Lammott. She mentioned age and that gripped me so, I snap chatted it. But here is the full thing:

She has also stated that “Your inside person doesn’t age. Your inside person is soul, is heart, in the eternal now, the ageless, the old, the young, all the ages you’ve ever been.”

That keeps my heart warm knowing I love both people. I encourage you to do the same. Getting old is to me, disconnecting spiritually from our big God. Then we lose our ability to soak up more love, courage, warmth and understanding from there. Your little self, owes it to your big self to look after all that is mental, physical and emotional. This gives your spiritual self a frame in the flesh. But also serves as inspiration from your boy to man and your girl to woman. You’ll see whether you’re younger self struggled, it also strived to be strong and produce backbone and give your older self strength and courage to go onwards. If it rejoiced in its younger years it delivers a sense of a lighter being, which will keep you grounded during the growing pains of evolution.

A little word about atheists

When atheist says that they don’t believe in God, my conversations have me hearing otherwise. Its religion more than God they dismiss. Atheists would not be Atheists if they regarded God as a God within. In fact, Atheist who does lead their lives with no spiritual beliefs can sometimes display more Godliness than a person who does religion. At times, they tend to go fully into their talents, have so much love and kindness that can lift up the world. They also do not fear living fully.

You don’t need religion to believe in God, Its a pathway but not the only way. but you may want to trust yourself. Turning inwards and not depending on externals helps you create your own little God that never runs out of anything.

Once and for all, this is how I understand God to be. I do try and remind my small in size individual inside that this is home. Home is God. Big and Little.





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