Do we choose religion? Or does religion choose us?



Mahatma Gandhi — ‘God has no religion”

I wanted to call off the search for God.  I said in my last post that I was on bible studies. Few chapters into the Old Testament. I felt like I couldn’t continue. My friend did tell me that perhaps the ‘D’ had made me want to not read it. But I am convinced I am already Of God. I know longer need to seek God through religion. Throughout my spiritual studies, I know God. Through a one to one relationship. I never found ‘him’ (I say him but to keep it simple) and I never did it through any messiah, or religion. I was introduced to God through religion. Now I keep it simple.

I ditched religion. I haven’t ditched God.

I wanted to explore whether people choose religion and what its benefits are


·         Guides you to God

·         Positive spiritual framework

·         Unites

·         Encourages a One to One

·         Promotes a Semi healthy idea about God

·         Good scriptures



·         Limited

·         Restriction

·         Sheepish

·         Separates

·         Conflicts

·         Judgement

·         Contradicts

·         Doesn’t fit ones spirits

·         Too many rules

·         Outdated

·         God has many mouthpieces

·         If we were to challenge each, every person would be criticized and would feel what they’ve been following is a lie.

·         Belittles the soul.

·         Religion extends from the Latin word ‘Religion’ which means : combining form

·         Increases fear.

·         Black and white.




I encourage a relationship with God but only through one to one spirit. As I have laid out above, I realize why I needed to ditch one of life’s biggest religious texts. I, Like Elizabeth Gilberts Eat Pray Love pointed out that I am a Christian by family culture, but not in theory. I didn’t find God by the blood of Christ. I found God when I choose to look within. I no longer pray to the clouds- my prayer is internal dialogue. Neither do I feel the spirit through Buddha, Mohammed or whoever.


If I believe God is love and everything my highest self is and also could be, then I cannot believe in a God I need to worship. When I think religion, I’m reminded of how much I need to tune into God always, but it cannot be the case. I am very uncomfortable with the belief that we will go to hell if we do wrong. If this is the case, all religion contradicts itself. If God loves then forgives, what is hell? Where most already walk this earth is fear they will go to hell, they are afraid to live fully as an expression of God in human form.

For me, God is:

  • As Neale Donald Walsh expresses that God is an expression of whom we are in our highest self.” If we are not careful, we will find ourselves more interested in experiencing God as an image rather than a power”. An internal power.
  • As Don Miguel Ruiz says: ‘God is life in action’


It’s one journey. That’s what I call spirituality. It’s not using a framework but building your own and if you can, inspiring others to do so. I think that what all big religion teachers did. But instead of us taking inspiration, we just follow on and believe the harder we obey rules we make our way to heaven. What liberates me is connected deeply to myself, where I feel God is. Through loving myself, I love God. How I treat myself is my service. Who I choose to be is my sanctuary.

I’m for anything that encourages that. But it has nothing to do with what we experience God to be.

Religion is for people who’re afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who’ve already been there.’ Vine Deloria Jr.

So, whilst loving Joyce Meyer, what lead me to her was the fact she was a great teacher of her religion, and I loved all she spoke God to be. She spoke wisely and lovingly. But to call myself a Christian from now on, perhaps to keep peace when asked, but to abide by its laws. I just can’t.

I want to focus on my path one to one.

I am not ego driven but am expression of God through my character and when I fight to be my best lightest spirit.

So, to answer whether we choose religion or does it choose us comes down to choice.

We choose religion.

It doesn’t choose us.

We somehow learn on it for some guidance and perhaps leadership.

All rivers lead to the same ocean.

As for the bible, I don’t think I shall ever go back to it. I know God enough now.


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