“God has never ever, in your entire life, thought one bad thought about you,”

“God has never ever, in your entire life, thought one bad thought about you,”

There has been no better woman who can teach me the bible none other than Joyce Meyer. During my bible studies, I have been watching: Enjoying everyday life and I was awestruck when I heard Ms Meyer affirm:

“You know something, God has never ever, in your entire life, thought one bad thought about you,” “You don’t know any human being like that I can tell you that for sure.”


I have been awestruck ever since. It’s not new to me that we have a loving God, especially within. That’s why self love is much encouraged for the mere fact that through loving ourselves, we do love God. But this is something for the mind.

It said through our toughest of times that we must ‘hallelujah anyway’. This means that whatever we got through we must be thankful because these are the times where real spiritual treasure lies. This is a chance for our spirit to soldier with us through earth take us to our heavenly strength, Bringing us to the most profound peace and renewing our spirit to reform character, causing us to be more gentle, kind and loving individuals. With this, we are able to bring others to their own self realization.

But bordering on ourselves, our own Godliness consists of us thinking well of ourselves. Constructing a positive mindset means the lives we lead our a million percent better. I say this because for me its self evident. But baring this in mind, I know I really could remember this and live in a more joyful manner. If only I never thought a bad thought of myself then I wouldn’t doubt, fear and scare myself out of truly saying what I want, ( boldly and plainly, with no rudeness or ill manners) and bring courageous- of course feeling fearful but still going into what I want anyhow.

Neale Donald Walsh outlined in the Book: Conversations with God, that we have two main emotions: Fear and Love. Love is God, what we are born in and Fear has been learned.

We have been taught of a strict and disciplined God. A God that counts our boyfriends, list of swearwords, keeps hold of all our wrongdoings. In the Bible, Corinthians 1:1-13 says that Love is patient, kind and endures all things. So if we speak more of a God of Love, we must keep the focus on kind of God we are praising and restoring in ourselves. Whilst doing this, as we choose to serve or praise or whatever, we need to note that in order for us to be more spiritual, and authentically spiritual we need to think as God would have us think. That said, to see ourselves a light fully as he would.

When doing so, what I found by keeping this locked in my consciousness, that I am seduced into thinking in a bright way because it’s how I was originally trained to see things. Sometimes fear distorts our thinking so it keeps us in check. It stops us leading a fuller life. It steers us from the driver’s seat unto the passenger. Actually, it shoves us in the boot.

 Also, as stated in the Bible: Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.” I know this is true in terms of how we live. Unless you choose the highest thought, which is God sent in order to make choices in life, then you cannot live a life of value. Anything you decide without the highest thought can be torn down and destroyed because you have not made the choice from cemented place but from a shaky one. Once spiritually mindful, you are able to think as God would think about you. When you act out of fear and ego, you tend to made half hearted and lukewarm choice. It may serve the short-term but never the long-term. Let me remind you ego is the one that needs the externals. From within and deep seated in the soul, is all God. True spiritual treasure lies within. So, when we feel this we know that we cannot express ourselves anything less other than of that feeling within.

This way, we live in delight. It’s not that we live in a selfless way, go about the world doing what we want and thinking we won’t be punished for we are punished by our own Karma. It’s not God whom expels us. It’s the cosmic vibes we send out. We must act with awareness. Everything is cause and effect, action and re-action. You cannot pick up one end of the stick without picking up the other end. We indeed are “Free to make the choices we wish to make but we aren’t free from the consequence of that choice”. Sometimes the end of the road can be riches. If not, no evil torture but a lesson.

“God has never ever, in your entire life, thought one bad thought about you,”

So if he, or the highest power, or The Divine has never done so, why do we do so? Maybe habitually or because… to be real it’s easier to think the bad than to strive to think the good.  To direct exceptionally, as believers of a higher power or not, it motivates us to put our best foot forward and parade more virtuously than we ever did.

What a way to live!

What a way to think!








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