My shell, my canvas, Mine.


In my twenty seven years young on this earth. I have been educated  about the value of health. A healthy mind, heart, body and soul are all which are the equipment for us to lead a zesty life. The body and its ingredients of made up of the flesh, blood, and bones, has so much been brought to my attention. This is the only shell, only canvas that I have had and will ever have. Altercations and decorations are what I can add, but the base has always been mine.

Body shape, colour, size etc is hereditary.  Most of the time we try and alter already what’s here but we must realize there’s only so much you can do. Never was I against surgery but even still, the basic dynamics are there. With what we can do with it is somewhat limited. So it’s important to make do with what you have already got and already been given. The most fascinating part of that is really, that’s not such a bad thing.

As we wander through this earth we add and subtract things to it. I mentioned beforehand surgery. And I know in many religions much is against alterations. But as the four agreements states “God is life in action”. However our jars are decorated is entirely up to us. Yes there are guidelines, but there is a different between goings through pain to get your body to more beauty. Plus. Anything for the purpose of feeling and looking better is a thumb up to me.

We have a body. Health of it is vital. I am reading for the second time now: Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power and I have come across some useful information. It is also said to us how much eating fruit and vegetables will keep us healthy. But with the detail that Robbins explains it has become more apparent than that. See our body is made up of a high percentage of water. So he goes on to explain why fruit and veg are important: They are water rich foods. With this in mind, instead of me just eating and just expecting magic to happen, it’s broken down to help me understand what it is really about. It helps speed up the body’s natural fluid. This will allow us to be more energetic so we can assist our spirit on its journey.

 “Loving your body only when it’s in perfect shape is like loving your kids only when they’re wellbehaved”. Unknown.

When people focus so much on just the physical they are practically walking empty jewel boxes. With no gold stored within, they really do miss out on all the real glory. Getting the outside right when inside is empty isn’t what having a body is about.  Appreciation for its functions and using it to its best ability is only half the job. It is the representation of all we are, flesh and blood form only.

On my twenty seventh birthday I tattooed a lotus flower. The Lotus is an unbreakable flower which rises strong through any weather. It also arises from muddy water, being the blooming its charm above the waters.  Furthermore, it’s the emblem of enlightenment. Symbolically, this is what our spirit does in the life. Just like we experience heaven on earth, we also experience hell on it; through bad decisions, awfully tough emotions and poor mindsets. Whenever I have gone through a bad patch, messy and painful life experience, I, as an ancient soul, and keen spirit manage to come back, more loving, lighter and larger than life.  With my softness I keep my strength. Thanks to the inspiration of the resurrection from the classic Jesus Christ, we all learn to on some way do the same. Same body, upgraded spirit. Many times in this one lifetime we are reborn into many different versions of ourselves. Marianne Williamson touches on the fact we must focus more on the resurrections, rather than the crucifixions.

My superwoman stamp

I cherish my body and I’ll cherish it till death do us part. Not just for how it looks but for how it functions. Even when I am free from it, I will look back and remember how much we partook in life together. Like all those times where we walked every step of our human experience both physically. How it helped keep my spirit disguised in human form for us to have a splash at this.

I will whisper to it as my spirit floats and just say remember how much we partook itogether. Like all those times,   I’ll just say ‘ do you remember how bad we rocked that show called life?’.

That why all I can do is aid and owe it gratitude for all it is.


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