But first… Faith


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Of course, emotions play a huge deal in our day to day lives. We can waver from one emotion to the next in a matter of minutes. We can feel things to a greater or lesser level. But that is highly dependent on what we think and what we let get to us. Feelings are indeed powerful, but dangerous too. When we are led by our feelings, we sometimes forget our heads. Once our heads title us to do something we end up taking note, but feelings push the actions. Sometimes it’s good, other times not so. In fact, in terms of what makes us feel pleasing we do it because it can make us feel more exquisite. But the other side… it can fall into a downwards spiral of bad behaviour. When we become a victim to how we feeling, we trap ourselves. Emotions, without guidance from the mind, are clumsy directors of the self. They need to be tamed when left to be expressed. It’s important to feel how you feel. But without a secure spiritual mind, they can be very destructive.  It’s more so what is given into rather than what is felt, so yes, let feeling pass then decide what to do with them. Don’t force them. Don’t feed them.


More often than so we think that this is the real beauty based on the outside that everyone really sees’s. But what’s a beauteous physique with a grotesque heaviness of a poor attitude, a negative mindset and with selfish, greedy intentions what good is that for serving this earth. In terms of health one must always take care of their framework, but more work must go into seeking the truest of extensions, you know: Love, Kindness and Gratitude… going to the gym, exercising and eating right are imperative. You’ve only the one body, so look after it. Give yourself reason to feel more vivacious. Without this fuel in the tank, you won’t be able to showcase your spirit, but never claim beauty to anyone who can’t utter anything but a naked selfie.

Ina world where we are quick to run into a plastic surgeon than run to prayer, I accept that the external is the most obvious sight that we all see, but really it’s no good if we have no faith. If we can’t swing for our highest selves, we would only live a mediocre life. Working on who we are, rather than what we have is much sweeter than anything I have ever savoured.  On these grounds, I am able to remain eternally budding whatever my age.

Remember: sense of humour, kindness and eagerness are nothing to do age, it’s all about spirit.

I advise you to do the same.

Faith first.







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