Childish Vs. Childlike part2





Part one :



A wise woman spoke to me a phrase that will keep with me for a great deal of time:

“You can’t be an adult and a child at the same time”.


Of course, how can one keep themselves a child when you’re in full grown adult armour? Well to be honest, this way you have the best of both worlds. Little girls can wear their mother’s high heels and lipstick, but really definitely they are still little girls. Even still a woman can dress in adult attire, still is a little girl, but has to face the fact she has to grow up and embark some adult behaviour. What this little girl has to learn is regardless what she wears or what she knows, she must keep the one thing that is her ultimate definition: her spirit. Her character.

It’s well important to keep yourself in the know. Which one at the moment is required of you? Sometimes different people bring out different sides to our characters. Some make you step up and put on your adult costume, others keep light and bring out your inner child.

Halfway between fantasy and reality> Cutting up illusion.

What’s more is what we do with it that really counts. It’s what we decide to keep and throw away, is what gives us our character. Neale Donald Walsh says it’s about what we create, rather than what we discover. We might find that we discover attributes about ourselves and we don’t necessarily like that. What we want to blow up in terms of what we would like to keep. Really, it’s about becoming conscious of your subconscious. This way we have the liberty to harvest those aspects that keep us feeling youthful. The parts that do more harm than good are the ways in which make us deflate our spirits more than inflate them. Joyce Meyer teaches the difference between flesh led and spirit led decisions. When you become spiritually awakened, you learn how to make a choice led by your highest power. When you make a flesh led decision it’s entirely limited to flesh and bones. In terms of character, you still have the liberty to make the decision then you have the freedom to truly let yourself be it. As long as it’s a handpicked by your spirit led self, you have nothing to be ashamed of.








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