A sense of something


As I’ve  been and experienced both sides of life ,  the pretty , the ugly, the bright, the dark, the naughty and the nice, I know the being that I wish to be. I know what I want to continue. I have been criticised for being childish for having a sense of humour. Now, born from the simple minds, this old theory causes me to roll my eyes up.

Lately, I have been a victim of a misunderstanding. Funnily enough something I said was taken out of context. As a result of this, I was revision a few new beliefs.

Is laughter only for children?

My sense of humour is a huge role in my character. It is my saving grace, often laughed me out of darker times and lifted my lightly onto surface. Without people who encourage this in me, I cannot say I trust them. Whilst they are free, I can be too.

As a young girl, my grandfather pointed out that if I were to laugh and joke with men, the same way I did with women that would cause me to look flirtatious.  That it was inappropriate and that I shouldn’t do it. I cannot say he was far from the truth, but I didn’t sit comfortably with this  at all.

Now, my mother on the other hand would disagree. She would tell me that I should just be who I am and it’s up to others how they interpret, so if they were to misinterpret, it was their fault and not mine.

Being me is a huge responsibility I must say.

With this freedom, as Joyce Meyer noted that we have the freedom to speak ‘boldly and plainly, but not rude or ill mannered’.




In relation to another post:


I stand my ground. My humour is a blessing. It’s to bring light upon things that once had darkness. Its purpose isn’t to harm. But bring healing. For aslong as I dont offend and apologize of I do, then I am in liberty to keep it.

Elizabeth’s Gilberts version of the heroes’ journey reigns true also.  She describes it as the people who’ve struggled and come out there dark times but still kept their ‘humour, grace or wonder’.

Take a look at Jennifer Hudson.  As a judge on TV Show: The Voice, and having been a victim of a terrible heartbreak where both her brother and nephew were killed, by her brother in law. I would say watching her be so vibrant of the Voice filled me with so much hope.  To be able to carry on life that way is big. The fact she forgave him is even bigger! But to lift off a heavy load and laugh again shouldn’t be mistaken as weakness. It really is strength.

I have come out of my victim story and onto my hero’s path.  Who I am truly, is who I am at my lightness. The same girl who won class clown plenty years ago never realizing that having humour meant something. It was what separated me from the crowd, and it was my power to be able to allow the free spirit  to dance with love and laughter. I know I have the calm and content side and it’s there when I need it, I have my wisdoms and my grown side.  Although it may make me appear dumb and ditzy, I don’t judge myself for having the ability to laugh about things. I pride anyone who can do that.

Just because you act tough, this doesn’t make you invincible. Because you want to be snobby, don’t make you better than anyone, serious doesn’t make you look mature, so laughing doesn’t make you appear stupid. As for the criticism, I point arrow to the ones who can but wont, because they are afraid of how it will make them look.

It’s not the young life it belongs to. IT IS THE LIFE THAT BELONGS TO US!


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