Super Soul Sunday lessons .1


Spirituality, self help and life stories are the topics I have much warmth for. Over the course of these years, self education has magnified because of my love for them. The books, the music, TED talks played a massive contribution to my learning’s. Super Soul Sunday presented by Oprah Winfrey was also something that I followed religiously. I have taken onboard lessons that I will share with you because these have altered my being profoundly.

The main ones and the following keywords which have influenced me are as follows:

  • Alannis Morisette on Connection
  • Shawn Anchor and Happiness being a baseline
  • Madonna Badger on God not being a punishing God
  • Devon Franklin on God being our director.



Alannis Morisette on Connection

Knowing Alannis Morisette from the song Ironic, I came across a different side to the songstress. She picked up on a word that has struck a chord ever since- connection. She reminded me that connection was some kind of refuel. She picked up on the fact that connection was what we all need to connect us to our deepest source. She always mentioned that happiness was a high and that is wasn’t worth chasing. Its what is called ‘ a temporary state’. Whilst with that yearning for connection we are always on a high. Connection is the river that never runs out of water because the oceans are always full.


Shawn Anchor and Happiness being a baseline

A newfound teacher to myself education Shawn Anchor introduces me to the realness of happiness. He is a researcher, author and speaker. He mentioned the fact that happiness is a baseline and that different vibrancies set the tone to our happiness levels.  Once I heard this, I have managed to keep measuring my happiness level, whilst bearing the image in mind.  When one can study in such depth, makes me want to fight to keep myself afloat. But watching the constant smile on this man’s face does the same for me also.


Madonna Badger on God not being punishing God

The most tearful episode was that of Madonna Badgers. Having lost her family in a house fire on Christmas day, that her mother, father and three daughters both killed tragically, I was heartsick by it. I found comfort in her words as she spoke. For a woman to have dealt  with much agony and pain she still managed to project her softness and love for God. Her words spoken to by the minster that day was that, I paraphrase: God is not a puppeteer and that he is not a punishing God. For Ms Badger to still have this tenderness after such a distressing ordeal simply fascinates me.  As Elizabeth Gilbert once put that people when they suffer either toughened and harden, whilst some still manage to keep their : grace, humour and wonder. Not because they are naive, but because this is a return to their own sensitivity.  If someone could suffer to damn hard like this lady has and still manage to compose her this way. It sure makes me feel like I have no reason not to keep my own.


Devon Franklin on God being our director

A way in which I have understood Gods ways was the time that Devon Franklin, a director of films himself described God as being our director. He said that we are the writers and God is the director of our lives. We basically create, and we pair with God to help bring whatever we wish for to life. This basically means what Joyce Meyer speaks about. You have to meet God in the middle, during this halfway mark, you will need to all all the work you need to do whislt being in the flesh and God will bring about the rest.


If ever, I fall short on myself, I have many teachings to wake up to remind myself on how much I need to note that: I must always maintain a connection the higher power, be it God, the divine, the trilogy. I must keep an understanding that happiness is always about, even when I think it’s not and it’s up to me how much I want to pump up the volume. I must note that no matter how  dim life can get, God never is a God of discipline, but one of love so next time I decide to give myself a hard time, I need to remind myself the difference between tough and soft love. Finally, life is in my hands, whatever I want to create I must pair with my creator to form whatever it is I want. I must show up on my part, discuss and then look for clues to make forth my path and the lifeIwant to live.

Having found these lessons more than a year ago now, I know for sure, I am fortunate to have been able to be lead towards them. Certainly no coincidence being led to them, it would be a crying shame for me not to take any of these tutoring into work.

It would be an insult to my soul not to.


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