The blended family , a classic trend


A blended family is a classic trend. Coming from a background of a very stable upbringing, that meaning both parents being present, one household, siblings from the same parents, I am filled with warmth with the idea of this trend. This is a real eye opener to what true love is when it comes to a mix of parentages.

That said, there is a call for this kind of love extending all around the world. Touching not only stepparents, but on adoptive and foster parents.  Plus, being an aunt and Godmother to my Godchild, plus to friends children, I’ve come to further my family simply by just freeing my heart to love further than my surname, blood type and DNA. My friends of almost decades have reigned into my class of sisterhood. I hold dear the fact that the family you call family are the people you wish to whip together. All those who love as you are, lift you up to your best self and assist you to your divine self.

The issue with the blended family is that it will spark controversy with the traditional and old fashioned folk.  Most who come from ancient times will criticise children from different parents, Children born outside of wedlock. Some people will forsake a potential partner if they have children, simply because they don’t want to take on children that aren’t theirs. They comment of ‘baby mother/father’ issues. They feel as if the add on will be too much a burden to bear. What annoys me the most is that if it were to be the other way round; they want someone to take on their offspring.  The challenge one could test here is if the opposition actually likes the person. I say this because sometimes people don’t see the person for who they are. When picking a spouse, they want products that haven’t been touched.  It’s an awful old fashioned notion. It pisses me off frankly.

Having a blended family can often mean at times switching roles. It’s said that some children grow up with their parents rather than by their parent’s guidance. It could also mean: grandparents raising grandchildren, aunts too. Same sex couples and even siblings raising siblings. The most wondrous thing about families like this is they set the mark for all people who deem only blood relations as their family. So they can love further than what’s in front of them.

Without opening minds and hearts we could never welcome any other beings into our lives. Let alone our homes.  Some of us in my generation need to accept that coming into such an evolving development we may meet partners who already bare children. With this, we must understand that we may not necessary need to be biological parents to become mothers. We need not share the same DNA as the people who brought us up and fall into the same bracket of surname to our siblings however it’ll show us that love flows beyond all measures and that our range of understandings and warmth spreads above all.

It’s a bandwagon Id happily be a part of.


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