A little bit of a mix up.


I admire the open and exposed… by the looks of it many girls do. I am all for sexiness but when I saw Little Mix on the XFactor I just seemed to lose myself in understanding what’s the hurry to be sexy when it comes to reaching a coming of age?

As a funky filled girl group, with such colour and youth, a part of me felt a disappointment seeing the girls dress so sexy. Just like the girls in hip hop videos once got criticized for showing too much booty, plenty to say here that the girls of Little Mix seem to have faced that same backlash from members of the public. The girls, all in their twenties, near enough my age all looked buzzing to me, but I just fail to get why they need be that sensuous when performing to a show targeted a family audience.

Not only those, weeks later, Louisa Johnson in her knee length boots and shimmering jacket did the same thing. Now I cannot argue my point without sounding like a hypocrite. I am so for sexuality and imposing that when it comes to clothing. I appreciate transition. After genie in a bottle, Christina Aguilera took too stripped with a different approach. I remember her saying it was a bit more herself. I really think it was a brave move coming from the girl next door image.  Of course, reputation is on the line. My…I get the importance of an artist’s choice to re invent them. Madonna set the trend. However when did young women have to take it onboard so quick?

Every so often, blurred lines often occur when women feel that urgency to get the attention be it, men, other females or fans. That said, often forgetting about the self behind it all. All may love a caricature version of you, but eventually you’ll soon know that that version of you is only in fashion for a while. It should be a part of our character spectrum but not your full stop.

A wise woman once said to me that “You cannot be an adult and child at the same time”. This reigns too much true. I can’t tell you how much this really stuck out to me. As a young girl, I felt at times I was compelled to fast forward beyond my biological age, with such an electric spirit, I just raced into life. Definitely into love but with no regrets as I understand it all now. without that rush for me trying gathering it all together I learnt to calm down.  The pick and mix of pleasures and pains became a big mess.

Now I embrace the feeling of how deliciously electric it feels for me now to just keep tranquillity. I didn’t need to force on womanhood just because of everything that made me feel I had to grown up. Yes, I was quickly becoming but I hadn’t got to the end of the race just yet, neither have I. I’m just in motion.  My enthusiasm I owe to my youthful self. Because she just was. It was all about just doing and saying what felt joyous in the spirit. It wasn’t about being sexy then. it’s an added drive within my womanhood. Still, the point of girls finding themselves is beyond sexual borders and a provocative dress sense. It’s in the universality of their existence.

 Put away the suspenders, heavy makeup and out with the glitters, hairclips and boyfriend jeans. Sexy can wait.



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