Sister America,


Two words: Donald Trump.

I am as shocked as you are. But here is the thing,Mr Trump is just one man who fought for a role as president. He didn’t vote for himself. THE PEOPLE voted for him. The people as a collective whole think just as he does. Although he promised plenty, what about all those comments on races? sexism? Asking after Obama’s proof of nationality? Dare he ask that of his wife? Does that mean all those voters who voted for him support this kind of behaviour? Its worrying to think peoples levels of consciousness is so behind like his mindset and his haircut? Left back in God knows when. I cannot understand. I remember one thing reading in the book, The Secret that: ‘everything is energy.’ No matter good or bad it’s whatever most energy gets poured into.  It did mention that sometimes no matter in politics even if one is usually highly favoured, the winner is always the one who most energy gets directed towards. That’s why, when one wins its nothing to do with who is most loved. Both hot and cold get translated as an amount that gets given as one.

In addition to that, Hitler never acted alone. It takes one leader and several hundred followers. You can bash the leader as much but never underestimate the followers. The followers stack up. Brick by brick by brick you build a wall- One solid wall.

That brings me to our politics over here in the UK. When the referendum had us kicked out the EU, because most of the UK had voted out, made me question whether the thinking of the collective whole was something for us to worry about again. Years of multiculturalism and what I prided London on, all gone down the drain. London was a collective remain vote. But the rest of the UK had opted out. All the small towns built together and formed one huge band. Although London is a big capital when stood alone, but it has one army to face, and hadn’t chance when swamped with all the cities moulded together. Like a transformer, getting into action.

The hate nation gives it all a boast. And as they say in journalism: All publicity is good publicity”.  I remember once, the banter of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and having eight million followers on instagram. But what I fail to get is the fact that people never realize that she just does her thing. She never asked for followers. Maybe one could argue that by posing nude and selfies of her glamorous self is just as much asking for it, but really, everyone who decides to click to follow button is responsible for their own actions. See, I am not a KimK follower on Instagram, but I still have a look sometimes.

You could all guess by now that I was with Hillary, although I am a Brit, politics in other countries are just as much our problem ,because whoever gets voted for has to work hand in hand with our prime minister. So I just thought that perhaps it would be nice to see Theresa May and Hillary Clinton as two head woman of our countries. How nice it would be to be a part of that girl power nation in politics.

Plus, I feel people not only buy into what the politicians are selling what they want to bring about if they were elected, but your kind of buying into the politician themselves, despite what they offer. Customers don’t just buy the product, they buy into the seller. Same ways like workers don’t just do work well because it’s the job they are suppose to do, but they do it more or less not just for the company but for the person their manager is.  There’s a slight emotive notion here, whether we like to admit it or not.

So wrapping up, the identical feeling I got when David Cameron got elected, when we got opted out the EU, and BHS had been sold to a person with zero retail experience and got sold for a pound.  Sadness with a sting! Christmas will never be the same when it comes to retail. America undoubtedly, won’t be the same post Trump. All we can do is just hope and pray. And pray HARD!




Yours sincerely,

A sister from London.


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