The place we start.


“When you’re moving in the positive, your destination is the brightest star” Stevie Wonder.

The ground isn’t the place we all desire to be at. However the place we must start. I remember watching Joyce Meyer on television and she reminded me that wherever we are at, we should be happy.  This was a pleasant reminder of: being in the moment and keeping a cheerful aura whilst waiting. Even if it means we are still in the same place. so we can work on construction for the better.


Imagine- simply being judged, maybe not on purpose but for being in the same place you have been over a period of years. Not to mention: work role, relationship status or same home. These things cannot be changed in a heartbeat. But sometimes making a change seems to be the bother of others rather than us.

It’s within the belief of the spirit that wherever we are, we should make the most of it. It’s not that we don’t know that we don’t want better, but within the journey we should still be joyous. It is true spiritual practice when choosing to live in the moment.

It seems there are three timings. Mine, others and God’s.

My personal timings

Due to my personal agenda the time’I think’ things should be happening because too, I think I am ready. For all I know, I could be stamping my feet wondering why nothing big is happening. Or why I haven’t got what I prayed for, or believing that I have put in enough work.

 Others peoples timing

My age may be an issue and not match their version of any age I am. Plus, sometimes things could be happening faster to anyone else and hasn’t happened to me, Such as: marriage and children. This could mean I am very behind or expired. Why am I in the same job role? In their opinion, I could be doing more or better.

Gods timing

God can only ready the spirit, when one chooses to work with Gods timing rather than the timing of the flesh. Being able to work within the soul, rather than what the outside wants or expects. Surrendering to a higher point gives purposeful direction.

Of all timings, God’s is the highest of importance. I, as an individual believe that once we get the spirit in gear the rest of our lives fall very well into place. But because we are so concentrated on comments and expectations of what other people expect of us and even what we think of ourselves, we slow down the spirit. With this delay we add doubt on and doubt is heavy.  The spirit will be soaked. Not being able to process with life fluently.

I’ve come to know staying put sometimes isn’t a curse. It could be a lovely little blessing. Sometimes not suffering is a good place to be.  Life doesn’t have to be always glittering, but day to day life with contentment is more than enough.

One mustn’t wait to be joyous just when they have huge flash, such as winning the lottery, buying a house or getting a colossal job role.  On the road to these grand moments, we need to understand that surrendering to what is already happening is already a tick in the box.

If times are bad as Iyanla Vanzant says: “It never rained 365 days a year.” So allow the cloud of mood, emotion, situation to eventually past. Like when all the good doesn’t last forever, the bad doesn’t. No one has a bad life, they have bad life events.

When times are good, it throws at balance at the bad times.  When have to focus on more these times. They give us inspiration to keep our good up. Along with binding faith.

Being still at the so called ‘bottom’ isn’t a kick in the teeth; it is an extension of a reminder that we are right where we need to be. If you know that what you’re doing is enough, then being at peace with that is plentiful.

Still there… after days, months, years?

Doesn’t matter. Knowing your ready or getting ready whilst in preparation is all one should worry about. Just be thankful for where you are, at the time you are: PRESENT. Don’t give in to the timings of others. gutter




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