How you could be more appropriately naked, in areas of your being.

Stripped: Singer: Xtina, Christina Aguilera


Laid bare, exposed and nude are all feelings one would like to avoid. Because of the openness and vulnerability this causes us to feel, we often shy our true selves away from this feeling and try to fully cloth ourselves. Doing so, we end up clothing all things we think we shouldn’t show.  The idea of being naked in all areas of life shakes people. Being able to reveal our authenticity with everything we have would lead us to a more delicious quality of being.

Here, I am going to reveal reasons why we should choose to be naked in aspects of us because I know whilst highlighting them, it would give a chance to be able to rethink how we structure ourselves.

Now, before I go any further, I would just like to touch upon the fact naked is used in terms of a guideline. To be stripped from anything that holds back authenticity and keeps you from being genuine. This does not mean overexposing, or like Brene Brown calls it ‘over sharing’. Read more on this on: Over sharing- Brene Brown.



Having suffered from depression, I know what it’s like to hit a low. To be a sunlit ray being sheltered by a dark cloak, whether it is within my family of hormones, or my psychological wellbeing, I am one to share how I am feeling. Some feelings are linked with the positive side of life and others aren’t. For me to express my emotions takes a great deal of courage. I encourage others to do the same. When I am open and honest about my feelings others know how to cater to me. I am not afraid to ask for help, neither to offer it. For me as I love conversation, I am able to relax myself and put my thoughts and feelings out. I love when I invite another to do so serenely. Even to show how I am feeling presently. As long as I am not in an environment or with a person who would take advantage. It must be safe to do so, because it a human right. It should be a chance to aid another. When I choose to be vulnerable, I hope it would be appreciated. Not a reason for kindness to be seen as weakness and for it not to be disrespected.



In a world of where the media encourages women to strip off, I cannot say I am full against this notion. To me its liberation.  I am fuelled by it. I recently had my nipple pierced, although I haven’t instagrammed it, I know it may be a bit too much. Though I am friendly with my body and cannot say that I do not love it, how I have taken the picture says enough, I want to show some, not all. I don’t want to cross the line between too revealing and borderline pornography.

I find it a loving expression that one can show her body and take pride it that. I do not suggest by all means being nature freaks and going fully out there. We would all get arrested if we went out without clothes. But there is nothing wrong with either wearing clothes that reveal an aspect of your body you admire. If you’re liberated by covering it up them also do so. Whatever a person feels comfortable to do. Just make sure it because it’s because you feel pleasant doing so. Also, I am a fan of naked selfies. Just because I know they should be a part of your  ‘for me’ album. I don’t think we should all strip of for likes on instagram because that would be a bit much. It wouldn’t teach the next generation much other than to concentrate on how we look. I suppose a few ‘sexy’ pictures wouldn’t hurt. But keep a few for your eyes only.

Also, sexuality is a wonderful form of statement of the sexual self. Be free to explore as much as possible and not high judge one. Precautions however must be mentioned. Act with your brains intact.

As for no makeup, read on: why-we-shouldnt-feel-obliged-to-wear-makeup


The freedom to express what’s on your mind is a terrific freedom. I am for truth. I am against how truth is told. Maya Angelou once said that a fool is one who says they are brutally frank. She later went on to say ‘You must speak in a way the listener, listens’. Sharing minds are just as significant as sharing bodies. You know the best conversations also happen when members of both sides of the parties want to swap and share thoughts. You learn a massive deal about each other from the way both or all of you think. The understanding factor grows notably. Ghouls lie in the back of the mind sometimes, making us think that they really exist.  This creates fear based thinking and following on with shaky behaviour. It’s better to challenge the mental structure and tell your mind how to think, rather than it tells you. Act in control.


When you’re not trying to be yourself is when you are really truly being yourself. The biggest mental freedom is never caring what anyone thinks of you. But when you aren’t making any effort, is when your spirit naturally relaxes to be itself. You have to adjust to being like anyone or anything. To let your soul be nude is the best gift you could give in this human experience.  Find an experience you could practice daily that brings you to peace and joy. No matter how it looks on the outside, keep that up, who you are lies there.

Wrapping up, I know there are ways more examples of how to be appropriately naked in all areas of your being, I know too many lock up and feel that maybe they are given a bit too much or even too little. But I guess everyone has personal boundaries and different trust levels. One should figure out in a one to one with themselves when one is being too generous with their nakedness, and how that can be dressed up justly.




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