The G factor

The talent show X factor has always gotten mouths rattling year after year about contestants. Opinions cry aloud from all angles.  Especially that of one rapper: Honey G.

Now Honey G, not your obvious rapper. Described by Louis Walsh as: “David Cameron is disguise”.

Firstly she does look as though she is playing dress up. A middle aged Caucasian female  in gangster like attire, using words of the urban dictionary  and  her hairstyle causes confusion as its subtracts from the thuggish look. Not to forget the men in black sunglasses. I couldn’t see her name in my ITunes playlist up there with Nas, Notorious B.I.G and Eminem.

However, I rate this women’s self belief. I rate the fact that she is fully behind herself.  It’s a quality I have always admired in a person. How many females out there have some sort of talent and sit locked in the rooms full of fear that they aren’t good enough? How people regardless of their gender have sat in regret wishing that they had done something with it and feel like it’s too late to do something about?   Stuck because they are too afraid of what people will think or feel about them? This contestant proves what any artist should. She ‘feels herself’ and the rest follow.  When you love you ,You set an example on how others should do aswell. Naturally when you’re in the spotlight you face as much criticisms and as you do compliments.

Although she wasn’t chosen by mentor Sharon Osborne as a first choice, she was brought back and doesn’t seem to falter. There was much anguish about her not being a serious contender and having taken the place of someone who could be a potential winner, she seems to put on a show and owns the stage. Many complaints about her and even a petition wasn’t enough to give her the boot. Although there are many curses about this lady, after watching the live results it seems as much as she is feeling herself, every one across the board is too.

Yet, I know the  XFactor is about singing talent and like I said before, I don’t think I could download any of her music at the moment because I do think her act is more for entertainment purpose and would much rather suit a show like Britain’s got talent. But really, the whole package of superstardom comes under her. She has the whole audience either on their feet, or singing back.  The same as Simon Cowells said and I say this for the audience members who give into the flow is all our guilty pleasure. She’s even set a twitter movement: #MummyG.

Having made it past the first week, hopefully this week she will sail through. I do love a champion vocalist but there nothing like wanting someone to lift you up.  I see Honey G never forgotten in X   Factor history. She may be seen as a pop up wannabe rapper but one lesson we could all learn is one taken from TV Show Victorious specifying that:

“A true artist…need only please himself”.

herself for that matter. This honey has without question kept a sticky effect on says so’s here and there. I back anyone who backs themselves .  This is the ultimate ingredient in life let alone in show business.

G in action




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