The kind of mortals I treasure.

The kind of mortals I treasure.

The  kind of mortals I  treasure are those who lead by example in love and kindness. despite hardships. Today, many associate being soft, lighthearted and even emotional as a weakling. I , on the other hand beg to differ. I am with the notion that as :Katherine Henson states:

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

There has been no doubt that Elizabeth Gilbert is one woman who has spirtually guided me through my past five years. Since her memoir: Eat Pray Love, EG has guided me on the road to my true being and helped me  . I figured the people I would like most to be like.

She stated in her blog:


In terms of suffering, people split down the middle in terms of what they choose to do with their pain. Some is opens them up to a ocean of deep love, compassion and understanding. Others, they stiched up fast and swear to themselves that they will never let themselves be exposed to this type of pain again.

It amazes me that some would rather block off all human emottion in order to * protect themselves*. I find this disturbing. If all emotions lead to you fully experiencing the soul in human form, then why would this be classed as a wise thing to do? Why is it celebrated? Even more,  its kind of accepted as fashionable.

It’s unfortunate and I really wish I wouldn’t have to say this, but I really like human beings who have suffered. They’re kinder. Emma Thompson.

Of course, kindness is often mistaken as weakness.  Most of the time, some mistakenly judge  a kind person as having no backbone but  softness doesnt declare stupidity.  Them who put on their tough armour , claim to be invincible and use their toughness to defend being rude, frank or just overally incompetent are people who i just do not wish to be like. Even more so, do i ever think there is any reason for this, despite them who claim a reason behind it. I find its a choice, its a lighter way of being. We dont need to shield our tenderness and our pure state of being, which actually is a sacrifice of our soul, to become machinery like beings becasue we have encountered hurt, pain, and trials beforehand.

Tough isnt really strong.And soft isnt really weak.

It takes greater courage to choose to return to the delicate self after being to hell and back rather than choosen to toughe and become a reduced level of humanness .  I see no reason why one should do so.  One can still maintain strength whilst being : loving, gentle and humourous .

Many times , I have encountered many persons and situations where I felt  Ineeded to backup. For a while during these instances I have recorded that I have lost myself a great deal, especially when I give into blocking myself again. Usually painting the new situation with traces of the old paintbrushes and decorating new beings with the results of the last ones poor actions .  Numerous times also, I know this not only taints the purity of the newfound  experience. But also, the chance of a genuine encounter. I know full well now that through all I have endured, its just impartial to be living in this way. Not only do I ruin a fate. I ruin a unfolding of growth of a relationship or enterprise. I- myself miss out on soulful peril.

With this in mind, I look closelyat others around me. I wish to surround myself in every aspect of my earthly sphere with all mortals that enable me to keep my softness. Doubtlessly I know it would be impossible for every person in my life to keep that in maintenance, and for me ,even to bear transparency with them. However MY job is MY spirit. The efforts to fill my self up with the spirit of the divine means that I can keep myself authentic, real and as peaceful as I can be. Within who I am, I must show up as stripped from any past pain, psychological impairment and distorted label that would delay me from seeing the truth of the newest encounter. This way ,  I naturally keep myself sustained in my godliness, so I am able to lead the way with verity. My scars may be a part of me but that are indefinitely faded;they do not dictate to me how to be.

So onwards from here, I am sure to keep myself afloat. The wind beneath my wings will be the  enchantment  of people who have been able to ride out into earth, wind, rain and fire and still return as affectionate and acutely vulnerable. This  is beauteous to me. These are kind of mortals I treasure and aspire to be like.


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