“It’s not that I talk too much, it’s just that I just have too much to say”.


“It’s not that I talk too much, it’s just that I just have too much to say”. Has me eighteen likes on Facebook so far. The likes aren’t to emphasize my ego; they are to confirm that my friends are feeling what I say. I could express myself in an hour long debate, an ongoing face book discussion or a one hundred and forty worded tweet. Nonetheless. There’s countless ways to speak.

As a conversationalist and boy do I love conversations? , Talking exercises bigger things- it builds connection, it emphasises humour and it certainly increases the source of human interaction. It’s me that comes to life when partaking in one. It encourages a braver me especially when I am thrown into a conversation that really matters. Having a voice and dancing with my freedom of expression is a blessing. It’s the core of who I am and being able to put that across in words, written or spoken is supreme. I wave the flag for freedom of speech, expression and authenticity of the self.

As a child I was advised never to talk to strangers, as an adult – and a retail assistant, customer service is the forefront of my job, and my life mission is clearer to me. To teach life and spirituality and interpret that into text. Talking more than I breathe is known to be a divine sanction. A natural extrovert and flasher of my words grants me a grand life skill. It means I lead by example in my presence with what I say. I deliver all aspects of a positive vibe to keep it all flowing. I make sure all is fair in love and war.

There are times in the beginning of the nephew’s school year, I would drop him and only to find that all parents we a little stoosh in even giving a smile. A small greet in a moment would stem to difficult for them. Funnily enough, you tend to pick up on these habits, because you’d think ‘well they dont bother, why should I?’ really to know that this truly isn’t the real me.  I am not afraid to speak up on topics I’m passionate about. . I do have opinions and I am not afraid to use them. So a ‘Hello’ is no water off my back. How I hate a snob anyway, makes me not want to fall into that decoy.

Maybe the other side of the can maybe that I am a ‘lightheaded bimbo’ stereotypical chatterbox and always told that talking too much is a crime. It’s distractive and it wouldn’t appeal to all. Also, being snubbed the gossip box is also a downer. It could also mean you’re so much a bore. But keep conversation rolling in banging topics, mix in a few different heads and also keep the banter going, you couldn’t bore anyone. As for having a sense of humour, never apologize for having one. Not everyone does.

The famous chatterbox Comedienne- Sarah Millican who claims she was often criticized for talking too much, has made it a successful. Caitlin Moran, The times columnist has been said that she could talk for the whole of London. But the point about these two is they seemingly must getting something accurate otherwise making a living out of it wouldn’t be happening. Not to mention : Radio, public speaking and story tellers are other promising careers.

Being the torch bearer, being able to ask the right questions gets all flowing and is often a humbling experience. It leads the conversation deeply and influences others ideas. Having been smothered by depression in many phases in  my life, the importance of being able to speak out on darker issues and making someone feel they aren’t alone scares away all ghosts that haunt that phase. When the lights do come on, we reveal that the monsters under the bed was all an illusion and the harmful thoughts we suffocate ourselves with disappear.  It was as if Ursula from Disney’s the little mermaid had captured my true essence and put my voice into a box ready to discard it. Owning it is my right.


Learning to listen is a huge benefit to. Handing over the baton to the speaker could be a light relief.  Being able to embrace your own silence and have the other is able to respond and have an opinion and not being offended by it is a bonus.  I should authentically be interested in what my opponent has to say, and whether I take it lightly or not is really not their issue. It’s more that I have invited them to speak as I have. It’s also highly spoken of that we must learn to be silent; there’s is a louder, inner voice which tells volumes.

Do I encourage ‘talking too much’? Well indeed. Surely if one has something fruitful to discuss, opinion to share and something that gives people a boast or enlightens their humour then onwards with it. Pieces of advice could save a soul. Avoid the gossip, the rumours and blend in with what actually matters.

There is a scene in Eat Pray Love where Liz Gilbert decided to undergo a silence where she doesn’t talk for days. Later a lady comes in and asks her to be the tour guide.

 “We call the person who does this job, “Little Suzy Cream Cheese.” You need to be social and bubbly and smiling all the time.

Liz Gilbert: [breaking into a big smile] Madam… I’m your girl!”

Eighteen likes and counting I must do doing something right really. As long as I dont graze anyone too heavily or at all. I will keep vocalizing thanks. I’m the girl for that indefinitely!






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