Destination unknown

How do you know you are where you’re meant to be?

I must not be the only one alone on the island “Am I where I am supposed to be?”

Although I’m doing my best in these moments in the now, I do question of who I am is enough and what I’m doing is all I can and is there any more I could be doing? Do I want more or am I just being greedy? There is nothing wrong with me wanting better for myself and having a radical aim to strive for.

Not only that, sometimes content becomes too comfortable and I want to hit that higher note.

There’s too much life in us sometimes that we never fully become it because we are too busy wondering like myself, if we are enough. I want to fulfil my soul purpose and my sacred contract. I don’t believe in settling for less than this in life. To gain the fullest human experience, I want to go beyond the body right to the soul.

 Eckhart Tolle says that ‘the present moment is all there is’. The power of now indicates that we must find peace with where we are and fully accept it.  He also extends the fact that there is nothing wrong with trying to better your now into a better future.  Wanting to graduate unto a surpassing ground requires a more leading role of yours truly.


Distracting myself from my own situation, I know many struggles in each person vary. Blessings and hardships come in a variety of different shades. And I am quick to point out what good everyone else had and seemed to forget my own good. Pity, as I was missing out on all golden inklings. I have decided on cutting down the worrying checklist by calming myself down with all the pleasing things I have in life. It could be something as small as ‘Thank you for my eyelashes’ or ‘Thank you for the spare bit of money I had to go buy that top’ but it’s still saying thanks.  You never know how much you become aware of how exceptional your life is until you come across someone who is less fortunate than you, or until one thing could be taken away from you then you realize its significance.

Clues and Omens

Just like in the Alchemist, By Paolo Coelho, I follow this theory.At times, I hear the same quote in the same week. Or I could be reading about someone and they appear on TV or the same topic could appear in the same week. I’ve had many incidences where vie been star struck by how close and ‘coincidental’ these moments have been.  For example reading a quite from ford about love and work and then it was said on the TV that same week really startled me. Speaking about feathers then stepping on one in that same instance. Or a particular song buzzing in my head all day and then it comes on the radio. These ‘meaningful nothings’ are exactly that. To some, it may seem like it as just a happening, but really one who is awake knows these are just clues to show you that you’re right where you’re meant to be.

If not here, then where?

In terms of surrender, I seek to follow my soul in this human experience. Like I have always said, the only way I know to gain the highest point of experience is to live my soul’s intention.  To give trust in the all powerful force, I first need to have faith that there is one. Obviously there had been many moments where I have doubted not that there is something but if that something is working or hearing me, but I then remember when things turn out way better than I expected then I must be on the right track. Even when I feel I have fallen short I have always seen the alternative as in why and just let all ot of it .Go. In the book CWG book one Neale Donald Walsh teaches that we go more towards the soul when we choose to act in love.


I say, I’ve said to plenty that it’s so good it isn’t all up to us; sometimes what we think we want isn’t really what would have suited us at all. We would have been given who we wanted and ended up in a job that we thought was meant for us then really, we would-be gotten ourselves stuck. Trying to tuck it up into our own hands proves to us that we are serving under the eyes of the human vision rather than the spiritual vision. We need to gaze above the two eyes, and allowed the third eye vision to paint us brushstrokes. In the flesh, we see only in the flesh, we need to seek to see beyond here. To wave the white flag on how we think we should be rather than just give on to where we are or at least in the present state try and better our next phase is something we should just approve of.

“She’s got an alright job but it’s not a career, whenever she thinks about it brings her to tears” Lily Allen.

What to do with where you are.

Frankly, not when your down on it can you do much up it. As Joyce Meyer states that ‘Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.’

This is really focusing on how we see things and remembering as we stand in a place we cannot always see the bigger picture and overall purpose on what we need to exercise. That says, there are traits in us each place and people we meet at that particular time exercises something in us that we need to take with us unto our next life phase. And just like Ms Meyer preached we need to maximize something here in order for us to take with us. When we invest in doing something worthy right now we manifest a better future. E.g. being healthy and exercising buys us many years of a longer life and having it at a much higher quality.

I love what Marianne Williamson says about finding your calling. She conveys the idea that if we work on who we are, our calling does come. I have found that in the times we are most lost, in times where we may have not willingly put us in a place we detest but we don’t know what function we need to exercise it. We really do need a push from another direction, whether it be a person or from a higher spiritual conscious. Fill in the gaps with finding your passions and little life joys.

“ Start with what you can  and  where you are “

So clearly your job isn’t to focus on the present job as much, although you’ll need to try your best in all you do, however your mission is to keep you peaceful and joyous during these meantime’s. Even so, if one can’t keep happy, find peace, joy is an extension of this.The self comes before any title and any add on you could ever put on, its your own actual state of BEING.

So bare this thought, sometimes just welcoming all that is today isn’t such a bad idea if you know spiritually behind the scenes a better show will come through. Let go of trying to have a plan, for a platonic one to come and work its way through you.


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