“Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?”

“Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?” Garth Nix

Often walking this wonderland we have here on earth, we tread, we tiptoe and we turn up our paces upon different routes we take in our lives. Sometimes we can take credit for the path we decided – heart and mind, to track by own admission. And other paths which we have been lead unto. Whether by fate, divine intervention or unceremonious accident, we find ourselves one way or another wondering if the choice we made was us all along.

As I travel on foot to work, I know somehow that I did choose the job I must attend on a five day week basis. To get there, I must walk the same roads, stop at the same traffic lights, catch eye contact with similar folk and just make pure observations.

My obedience – apart from the fact that I know I must have a job as a means to an end as a human being to take rent on earth. I know behind all is because I know in it there’s a preparation in this that I know God is working on forwarding me to my ultimate spiritual purpose.

Truthfully if one ever ask me that the choice of work I do is my hearts mission, I couldn’t lie and say ‘ yes, here I am sent to pursue my sparkling career and make something of myself right here , now- was be a deceitful proclamation. But knowing there is a bigger picture that I am not aware of keeps me guessing. This place I choose to work. I did apply for the position and I wanted to make some money, but did I know that this place , I would evolve to who I am personally and give me stability to unwind and profess to this person…I cannot tell you, that picture came to mind.

Without knowing this, could I have chosen a better path? At the level of my psyche and understanding, back in the day I couldn’t have made this plan. I affirmed that I wished to be my best self and through choosing my line of work, I see how my truest self reveal.

As Devon Franklin testifies “You are the writer and God is your director”.

 I choose my spiritual direction, whether I am aware or not. God gives the opportunity. There are times when I know what I need other times I surrender. I may need mind renewal; I may need a healing for the soul.

How do we know it’s the fitting path to take?

“You walked with me, footprints in the sand and helped me understand where I am going”. Leona Lewis.

Joyce Meyer speaks of knowing the Holy Spirit as experiencing a deep inner peace. Usually it’s said that when we get excited, or deeply hurt in a minute, we make rush to a verdict of which could mess us up in the long run. We slap out responses without saying what we really think and feel when we settle down. We act in a hot minute, we make clumsy showdown which may not be reversible.

What seems abnormal on the outside could make sense to us from within. Now and again we hit paths that may take time to settle and understand later on why that incident occurred in the first place. Consciously we take charge and put our foot on the gas, unconsciously we may feel that the path chooses us. But if we are to be more spiritually awake in the moment we choose the walk, then we can grasp the notion of it. To not take responsibility for what we do, we are utter madness. Sometimes we are tested as we get it the nice way, so we must be shown the harder way.

 To regard that things happen by accident   or mistake doesn’t sit well with me.  Some coincidences happen as we our parallel to universes plan for us.  To think we were swept suddenly unto shore and just left there to scrap for food and essentials is not the kind of God I put my faith in. During the times of our destructions- in trials and tribulations, we think it’s all for nothing. Although we choose our ways, it


’s because there are options ahead we must decide from.  That’s not to say, we can’t add our own options, but whilst we have what’s in front of us-we can go forward from there.

Our job isn’t to succeed in wealth and titles. Our mission is to perform the soul’s role in human form to assist us and more mortals to live a higher quality expression of our humanness.

When spiritually awakened, it’s mainly your call. As the trees stand rooted from beneath, they grow upwards and outwards. Their paths are continuous stems of growth. They might not have chosen where they are planted, but they do their craft anyhow.





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