The fella’s with forgetfulness.


“I set myself up for this, it was too good to be true
I believed what you said when you said it
Hey, that’s what pillow talk can do
Today is another day, I get it
Yeah your hungry desire, I fed it”

Amnesia- Cheryl Cole


I find it funny how in a space of a week, someone can change their mind about you. Some men do set fire, allow the flames to flare up and then indeed try to put out their own flames.

My theory is either:
He sets you up of course. My days, if he could have it his way he would probably always play this game of jenga wondering if you would always be willing and waiting for him to slow down the pulling of the block.
Or: he has a serious case of forgetfulness. Maybe it isn’t what he wanted from the beginning. It was just a thing to keep you alight. He knew how much you were willing to stake all things just to * be with him*.
Humor aside, I can tell you how much his indecision brings the house down in terms of your emotions. One minute you’re awaiting his phone call. Next second, he throws in the term: *Busy*.Reference alert… He’s just not that into you. “Busy is just another word for asshole”.
In spite of this, as much as we may want it. what we must remember if that if a fella ( and I paraphrase Greg Behrandts , He’s just not that into you), that him never following through with the simple things that he will never be able to get going with all other parts of a relationship.
The reason he set you up because somewhere in his little ego, he was losing sight of his inflamed self and needed a little advance. Now at the expense of your hearts sparkle and self esteem, you have awaited this build up for so long that you’re like a little girl on Christmas day, waiting to open Barbie doll, instead, the bitter nightmare awakens you to a large chunk of black coal.
In Natalie Lues NML, lifesaving relationship book for modern dating ‘Mr Unavailable and the fall back girl’, discusses a range or reasons and examples of this kind of issue. Today, we live an in world was dating has become very complex. Although there are many shades of grey, we must define the black and white of it. We should remind ourselves and be clear that, half in and half out, still don’t deserve the benefits of what an all in relationship deserves. The complexities of modern dating involve a mixture of mixed signals and domino behavior. Once your use to the hit and miss of someone playing with your emotions, eventually you get plain fed up.
As they say: fool you once, their fault, fool you twice it’s on you’.
As they can forget your importance, its better you forget their existence. They are people with real memory loss out there, who really need help and you no longer need to nurture to someone who acts on it.

Elizabeth Gilbert :EAT.PRAY.LOVE

Part two: on approach.


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