From bottom to top

We would be nowhere if it wasn’t for the bottom. I mean the bottom is where all the graft is and ground is.  If anything J.K Rowling referred to rock bottom being her foundation on which she rebuilt her life. And if we look at J.K Rowling at the minute, she beholds a classic rag to riches story.

This comes to thought especially in relation to our job roles and the early activities we do ,which lead us to finer landing places.

But really without this fall to the floor or beginning on the bottom, though it would be agreed that some of the places we begin are probably below us, we forget that here is the place that roots our gratitude and keeps our spirit humble. Without this preparation the top would mean nothing to us.

I once spoke of this to a colleague of mine and she put it that if no one would take the bottom jobs we would all rush into the top jobs, then the jobs on the end of the spectrum wouldn’t get done. What I know is without the end functioned well, the top wouldn’t exist.

Unfortunately, none of us choose this route willingly. No one wants to pick clothes off the floor, be the tea lady, the runner, or perform roles that would destroy our egos pride.  We feel there is a distinctive line between service and slavery. Although we must perform to our simplistic duties, these have us feel like slaves, doing the bare minimum.

As a retail assistant myself, I know without starting from where I am, I wouldn’t foresee the desirable place with as much grace and appreciation without feeling the grind of what I took to climb to where I want to be at. With all that still in linger, my character is at play. With all the mess I encounter on a day to day basis, I get to see that without the people in service to all this mess, the shop wouldn’t be in a pleasing environment for anyone. Without disrespecting shoppers, the job wouldn’t surely get done by them. Some people aren’t a fan of tidying up after themselves.

This doesn’t mean people at the bottom should be taken advantage of. Just because a cleaner is sweeping the streets, doesn’t mean we can chuck rubbish on the floor because his job is to pick it up. No! If the act is done by accident then he is there, but we all know where the bins are. We all know if we drop an item, or decide we do not want to anymore, that we knew the place we found and return it. It’s a lot to ask from people believe their too good to do so. Just as they say in most public toilets. ‘Leave them exactly how you found them’. Show some respect. The same way you would shake hands with a manager, show that same mannerism to the staff underneath.

During these acts I would not say all is doom and gloom. You will look back a laugh at some memories. There is a little joy in this. Where jobs aren’t full of as much responsibility as the top maybe, some feel this is the chance to regain themselves in youth and not take too much seriously. Researcher Brene Brown says that for the sake of some peoples happiness , they step down  from higher roles, because some add too much stress that isn’t worth  the role and are happier to downsize roles in the company and replace a high title, for a lower role, which will be stress free and heighten their happiness levels.WP_20160731_069.jpg

The tiny performances that take place on a day to day basis encourage us to build character, gain severe understanding in what it takes to be there and realize how much one day that role will be a part of our history. We would remind ourselves that where we are, wouldn’t be, without where we were be it that place a delightful beginning or disheartening start.  We’d know the pocket-sized role we fulfilled is happening everywhere around us, and without that attention to detail in the world, we simply would have no concreteness in ourselves or our career trail.

Respect and responsibility speak aloud here.


2 thoughts on “From bottom to top

  1. Simina says:

    Dear author,
    Your words are so true. I used to work in a place exactly like you described above and I remember, that at the beginning I was shocked about the mess that some customers can leave behind, but after a while I got used to and I understood that if it weren’t for these customers, I wouldn’t have the job.
    Yes, someone has to do the job and I didn’t loved it, I was just happy with what I did, but also along the way I had the chance to meet extraordinary people that were my colleagues.
    Thank you for this article, I guess I needed to remember some things.


    1. Sshheezzuuss says:

      Thank you so much Simina. This means so much. You aren’t ever put through trials that you couldn’t handle and each part is your self discovery and creativity process so I’m glad you could relate and see things through a higher perspective 😊. I salute you. Cheers !! Xxxxx


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