Self Help, is all where its at.


Self help is really the place where it’s all that.  What I mean by that is no matter how fantastic your therapist, no matter how amazing your teacher, priest, parish, it’s all the same or reading and listening to the books and lyrics and then putting all things said into practice is all one persons job. It’s yours.

Your job as a human is to continue what you found that helps yourself and try and push that sameness of what you have learnt onto another. As the Course in Miracles states that a therapist job is not to transform one’s mind but to, helps us use our minds for our own enlighten.

As a natural human habit, we all tend to all have one favourite topic: I.

We love talking about our woes, riches, warts and all, we become utterly indulgent we forget to listen to what others need and want. We wait for the other to finish before we want to rush in with all our excitement that we have not listened to what the other has said. But when that speech is over with, other than your own, me, me, me chatter, how do you assist others in it?

Do you guide others to the better scriptures of themselves or do you just sink into your story? Do you care to give as equally as you to in deliverance of you talk or do you address what’s been said to you and respond with the same talc you would love to receive?

At times, this person perhaps need be you. But extending your better self through another is the one of your greatest forms of self help. But before anything, you must be putting all you know to work, you must be a shining example of that change, or at least you should want to become a part of it.

Going to help another who thinks self help is an effort like climbing mountains  in an uproar of pouring snow may need some encouragement that taking the first step of even just readying the rucksack for the trek, could be a job for you to do.

My delight in self help comes from the result. There a motive behind seeing all that can change. The homework is not just when the exams are over. It’s a ongoing dissertation. Beyond the physical psyche, self help deepens you to connect with a person you have always been carrying but never truly known.

Doing your Godliness a favour is issuing your world to liven up to it.

Self help opens you doors; self help is a direction to sharpening your soul so you can take this world on bullet proof. Self help is a must.

Its  where it’s all at.

It’s my favourite kind of therapist.


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