A passion for Human Interaction



Human interaction is beyond skin deep. Beyond physical form, the souls long for connection, Entwined in our spiritual DNA is the need for conversations and expressions about all things humanistic. Although “feeling is the language of the soul” As Mr Neale Donald Walsh says, in our Godliness we need to express and extend ourselves through others. Through conversation, we form bonds that build authentic and honest relationships.

As a retail girl for almost four years now, I have come to know how important going above and beyond the basic day to day conversations with some can go a long way.  A little kindness that goes hand in hand with knowledge of products, and exchange policies forms a credible skill.

Retail therapy involves spending money, to take their minds off things, stuff that makes them feel better about themselves. Underneath, the therapist and the client role comes into full throttle when each the customer and a plus retail assistant begin a discussion about everything else. The most point here is what was once two strangers have now become that of two friends.

For example : one could be browsing for a pair of jeans, then begin to complain about a certain weight gain after carrying a child, then the shop assistant could maybe not so much relate to having about but on the other hand, compassion with her after having a weight battle herself, and start exchanging stories. These conversations could extend to ex boyfriends, ghost pessimistic thought processes, and self doubts. Then wraps in a customer buying her jeans but also having let off much steam about her insecurities  plus, a  shop assistant is relieved she could perform more than her job role requires her to do in terms of face to face interaction. The extra half an inch in conversations, can weave a small angelic act.

Now, seeing how people relate on the forefront is enticing to me because even if it doesn’t go so well, not going so good also serves a lesson or two. Forwarding to deeper connections such as heartbreak often one would cry “Why does it hurt so bad?” Pain is a symbol that this required attention and is very important for soul growth. It teaches us what we do not need, as opposed to what we do. Generally, conversations we find uncomfortable, take us to places of comfort and peace.

But best of all being able to reach out to a person with just words is a profound gift. Many have done it through the art of song, dance, and writings. Most keep it under wraps a while but nothing compares to fresh and vulnerable conversations that have us believing that, we although different, can still find something in common with each other no matter how small, insignificant it maybe to another, than we all share the same humanness, and we all want that someone, just to exchange words with, because in the moment, we raise the bar of our holiness.


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