Parenthood Voids



There’s talk of parents being absent in a child life which leads to a void in the child. Truthfully enough, there’s much there. But it’s understandable a void in a parent not being present in physical for.
However, a parent physically not being present, in regard to emotionally unavailable parents, or parents that lack mental strength to prepare their youngest for the realities of the world tend to put a void in just as much.
Now , I know I may get much stick as I know I am no parent myself, and I am in no position to tell any soul how to raise their child. Having said that, being a child of a parent who can sometimes dish in emotionally and mentally and not so much on a consistent basis, does give me that much of a say.
I’m a fan in believing that bringing up another human being in the world requires sacrifice. Most have to give up much me time in order to cater to a Childs life. It’s understandable. It’s acceptable. In fact, it’s right!
But, the toughest part of this is what part of themselves they bring to their offspring and which part they choose to leave behind.
Harville Hendrix writings taught me much about childhood wounds. The interest sparked me. Growing up never healed any wound we have, unless we directly address them. Growing up always our physical wellness to decay, but we never see the decay of our spirits when we fail to address what harmed us as children.

For example: the father who was a workaholic, who had a daughter who required much attention, and without that father knowing this causes the child to feel much neglect. A void is starting to burn up within her, causing a gap her father was supposed to feel. Without thinking, the father believes as long as he is spending money, financially stabilizing her and providing in all financial ways, the little girls heart cannot be filled with ‘ things’. The one thing she truly needs is attention, affection and company from the main man in her life.
Not only will it set her up for the foundation in life, but her relationship with other men. What people fail to realize is that regardless boy or girl, the attention meant to be given by a parent is as important as what water is to plants. They need a feed in order for them to grow and nature they need the right stuff. Sunshine, fresh air and water. Same way a child needs, love, affection and attention. Without all needs, a child cannot fully flourish.

Without that acknowledgement we can never pass willfully into real adulthood. Yes we may become adults, but wise grown up beings… we might need a tad more work.
To become the best human possible throughout life, one must always be loved by the right surrounding people. Firsthand the parents. A warning to all absentee’s. Sometimes trying to feed our children the best of food, and advises life can give; a little extra love and attention wouldn’t go a miss.
Growing up and growing old are very different.
#Just Saying.


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