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Kimberly Noel Kardashian and Kanye Omari West met each other nine-year before they officially got together. From marrying, and having two children. They met briefly here and there, remained friends until they fell in love. During the course of those years, Kardashian had various relationships including her 72 day marriage with basketball player Kris Humphries   . Mr West, although he never married had a highly publicized  relationship one  with model Amber Rose.

It was also reported that Mr West feasibly spoke this relationship into existence by always drawing himself unto the Kardashian Christmas card every year. So, there was some kind of attraction between the pair, but falling in love seemed on different card.

Given their title :KIMYE, this gave a little wonder…

In any respect, if they had known they would’ve been together, why hadn’t they gotten off right from the start?  I remain engrossed in thought about the case that many do face this scenario.

Our partner for life could already be present. We need search no more. OUR LIFE PARTNER COULD BE ALREADY HERE: Just taking a u-turn.

Many of us may be ready to meet the one. But that same partner might not be ready to meet you.  Or a rotten thought still, already having met might be an issue.  Our bodies may already be familiar with each other but our souls haven’t aligned.Or perhaps souls aligned, but our actuality hasn’t seen it.

None of us need be perfect, we just need to ready.

Better more, it’s been said that we already have met the one but we still may need work. there is a little assignment we have as individualist’s not so much we need have the right job, be in our best physical state or even just happily single. If you’re not open to giving and wanting to extend all you are through others, wanting to express a degree of kindness and compassion to human beings, you won’t be making yourself be ready. Setting you up for a lover, Mr. Right or Mr. Right now, you must be ready to give as well as receive. This marks the title of your readiness.  This means your allowing your authentic softness to be on wear all the time. It’s not preparation to get hurt. But  holds your umbrella when the sun is out. But you’ll tuck it in your handbag, just in case.

One lesson that took me a while to learn is that how important the foundation of friendships.

 ‘It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.’ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Falling in love is an unsteady basis. If a couple were to fall out of love suddenly, they fall into a gloomy state. They’d hit rock bottom, bang their heads and wake in a dazzled mode. Wondering where they are and who the hell that person they have been enjoying life with is. With friendship there s a bit more momentum there.  It won’t leave you sinking, crumbling, and tumbling like Alice down the rabbit hole. It’ll let you hit the floor of friendship.

The reason why your other relationships may have failed is because when the big bad wolf of reality decided to blow, the straw and the sticks, but when reality hits the infrastructure of a friendship based relationship, it’ll be a tough cookie to knock down the house made of bricks. Before falling in love comes, this stepping stone could be the cement that you need.

eat pray love 3
ElizabethGilbert: EatPrayLove.

Before you know it, a couple of years later, the one who has seen it through it all in your shades could be waiting with you, wanting to walk the path of life hand in hand.

Look a little above-board, around your workplace, groups of friends, friends of friends and you might be pleasantly surprised.  Then try, etch a sketch a picture of your likely, potential candidates with your photograph and see how you get on.




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