Skin , Weight. Thank You and Values.



Now skin and body we have had some issues over the years. More to the point, I think we acted as enemies but truthfully, we are now friends. Though we still argue, I have learned to join with you in some kind of union because whether we like it or not we have to learn to get on. We have a lifetime to get through, and to make this the best human experience possible we need to be fit, in shape and very rosy-cheeked.

Now so much so, I have to hallelujah you anyway. Not just for how I want to keep you looking but I must give thanks for your function. Boy do I love my adventures, especially on foot, my walks are reviving. They conquer the spiritual and mental self. But not forgetting the physical. I suddenly am starting to find out what a thigh gap means, you know, like the gap between the legs before the vagina. I always thought the thigh gap meant vagina. I thought that was a gap enough!

“Stay at peace with your body. While it’s healthy, never think of it as a problem or a failure. Pat your legs occasionally and thank them for being able to run”

Anyway, Caitlin Moran in a posthumous letter to her daughter reminded me to give thanks for this body as it the only body we will ever have so, I do indeed pat my legs for the fact that I am able to walk. I thank my skin for being strong enough to endure all the acne it’s encountered, though they have left me little scars, It, like me, has stories to tell. Of course, it met me with a dermatologist, who wanted to “see me again” even though I wasn’t due anymore appointments. Ha-ha. Another day in the life.

But really, as I know I want to live in boldness, I want to remain as ripe as possible and given the best energy I could in this skin, I have some advice to shed with this. Twenty six years young, I can tell you, as a teenager I felt heavy in weight, emotion and spirit. Not to mention the poor choices in relationships, and the fact I spent more time with them then my wreck less self. Though, I’m glad I did, I get to be more gracious for what i had then, but what I value now with much gratitude.

With thanks to my messy self, I get to put things into place now, as I liked them. My life is a hell of a lot more of value, substance. And I think I learned what loving myself truly means. But you, skin and body we must share our goods.  I never appreciated me as much as I do so here goes:


Walking keeps you at peace. It forces you to spend time with yourself. I’ve have said, once we learn to get right with us, the universe, God, high energy we increase serendipity. We strengthen our universal connector, drawing towards us more people who level on that frequency. Personally, you may wonder have you been chosen, but in all truth, it would’ve been you who created that ‘coincidence’ because you were working on your link to universal law. What may come as a bit of a surprise was what you were preparing spiritually. All clarity can be achieved because only in that only will you be able to justify the thoughts that belong to you and the thought that need light shed upon the righteous spirit. And the rule that you should smile at strangers wouldn’t go a miss. Lightly, you would never know if you’re walking amongst a villain, or giving a flirtatious craving person an invite, but still, you would have performed your act of kindness for the day.  And best hope those comfortable shoes are getting warmed up just in case you’ve got to dash it!  Not only for the spiritual purpose will walking do you a pleasing amount of good, but physically there will be no need for the gym. Walking exercises all areas. Not a quick fix, but a gradual process. Walking strengthens muscles and as Khloe Kardashian in her book  : Strong looks better naked,says that the body never forgets muscle walking it keeps them at bay.  Much can be done to keep a walk interesting. Various route journeys, that means including one on your way to and from work, a couple of bus stops perhaps, or even just an excuse to spend time with a loved one. It will give you time to simply collect yourself. Plus, a lesson learnt from Miss K, was also that if you want to lose weight, it’s worth finding a way that enjoying. Suffering to lose it really isn’t fair on one’s self. You want to enjoy the process, so in the end you’ve done it with effort and ease. You don’t have to hurt for it. Gym may be for the great masses but not all. Its free, it’s enjoyable and it’s rewarding,


I don’t know if a natural high includes that with a coffee. Anyway, Nescafe is that rocket booster friend that gives me the kick every morning. The feeling stays with me all day. Green tea is also a friendly choice. I treat is as medicine, only because the taste isn’t quite as nice as coffee. There’s no getting away from the herbal stateliness of it, however the advantage of it shows up externally. Over the years, alongside the increase of water intake, it does glorify my skin, filtering it from all pores and spots. The results: worthwhile definitely


The fruits, the apples clean the teeth, they’ll keep away the dentist, and the bananas keep you fuller, and increase the serotonin, and might just keep away the therapist from time to time. But sure thing, the fact that you include more in your intake and much bigger portions than you would  a highly sugared snack. Not saying you should dismiss the snacks right away or altogether, because that would be hypocritical of me, it’s just again, taught from Khloe K, and is to keep it under discipline. I remember catching a glimpse of a phrase from one of my nephew’s programmes: Team titans go. Stating “Fruit is life”. I was glued by it, as its truth. There’s much rawness in it because it’s grown right from the grown and bubbling in energy. My belief is that its real sweetness is all the sugar we need.

 You’re Presence and its present.

It’s been said widely that the gift of right now is the present.  The joy of today is found in the moment we are in, despite it being a revolution of your soul evolution. You could be more and more becoming through a good or bad experience. Regardless of it, you should remain fully allowing each thought, emotion and moment to pass. There’s a reason for clichés. It’s because the sum up Gods instructions just to break it down to people easier. They serve as a title, if some would like to know more, they read into them. But sometimes, enough is said and some just press on from that. The champion gift you could give yourself is guidance through whatever you’re going through. Loving yourself properly, as I’ve said, is never just fully giving in just because you’re at your best, its reminding yourself that enough at your worst that you’re good enough. Taking time to acknowledge yourself an s a little friend will keep your head above water so when the tough times pass; you’ll thank yourself for taking you through it. Not only would your gratitude rise, but substance to your calibre will rise. Not only will you become a crowning philanthropist for your being, you will extend that love into everyone else.

Over to you guys…

The very thing, skin and weight battles have coached me on is that, without that feeling of heaviness, never would I have found the light in the wisdom to teach it back. If only I would have known I would come out on the other side better glossed, would I have not given myself such a hard time in the process hank you anyhow skin and weight!. So over to you guys… keep the abuse at standstill and a little more lift on the helping hand.






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