What would you rather be…? Comfortable? Or content?

What would you rather be…? Comfortable? Or content?


A question politely stirring in my mind quite, was one I sprung upon my colleagues recently. I was in jolt about my current life situation. Although now, I am settled after much debate and a second re read of one of my most cherished spiritual guiding from Eckhart Tolles: The Power of Now, I feel I have come to a slight conclusion.

However, forevermore worth the discussion, conversation and inquest, I wish to share it.

The question was:

What would you rather be…? Comfortable? Or content?

Roughly eighty percent of the people asked said: content, others comfortable.

Triggering thoughts, I was intrigued to hear most who replied with contentment focused more on the feelings of contentment being about peace and feeling happy. One declared success with overall feeling good rather than having it good. More spoke of contentment with more a positive inclination, and comfortable  evoked slight negative attachments.

The ones who spoke more on comfortable seemed to be focus on having the materialistic high ground, and having the thought that everything will fall into place when they get it right external, then the inside will build upright.

All the same, there is a little distinction between the two.  Before I go on, I shall brush upon them.

Introducing:  Comfortable.

Comfortable to me, is just like procrastinating. It keeps you from doing things. It makes you feel like once you’ve got your feet up there’s not much left to do.  Comfortable is what keeps people in relationships that are no good for them. Comfortable is what keeps people in jobs when they know they are capable of doing more. Comfortable makes everyone believe where they are in good enough without growth. Much to the point: Comfortable is merely more associated with outside in rather than inside out.


Forwarding to…  Contentment.

The feeling of peace doesn’t strike many as the feeling of success. We all seek happiness, but in my opinion, happiness is an opposite. It has its flipside,-sadness. To aim for such a high you eventually must bare an increasing low. Having to climb up. Eventually down must be a result. Contentment however is steady. It knows once you’ve hit the feeling of being happy, instead of falling straight down, you fall onto peace. You won’t hit a terrorizing low; you fall into a graceful position.  Where you’re able to smile and reflect with ease.

Being able to cultivate both feelings as some may not being able to do so. How do you know what the difference is of both feelings? How will be know when your are lazy in your life situation, or your just at peace with it willing to make a difference? Knowing when to be in acceptance and not sabotaging the awareness.

Peaceful isn’t about being scared of change, its being ok with it. It knows it’s going to happen anyway. Letting fear and unease pass you by feeling and not be controlled by its anxiety.

Furthering on unto much deeper context, I will suggest here the differences that helped me disqualify.I broke it down trying to get people to understand the difference because it was more so, important for me to drill into people what was more significant.

I gathered the feeling that a range of people were thinking that getting  what was considered to be content on the outside, such as riches, a high job title, a reputation were all tags of the ego. Soul’s tags had more concern on having less visibly and sensualising more within.

A friend once told me wise words from her father. She said that you will know when you’ve found ‘the one’ when you’re at peace with yourself. As we are all aware that falling in love is much a temporary high. The feeling of being favoured is an egoic feed. The soul doesn’t care to be highlighted. It knows it’s a luminous source.  So the deal with how you know you’re where you’re meant to be is to when you’re in harmony with your present, and also your presence. Before finding the one, try being at one… with your universe, your highest energy, you’re Godliness. Being born into riches never saved anyone from the job, of seeking true wealth within.  Everyone born in poorness never had to succumb to the thought that them never having enough on the outer core, meant that inside they had to give way.

Comfortable relationship wise is raised in the song by Tulisa from N-Dubz asking: “Tell me if this is love or am I just too comfortable?” when directing this in terms of where you are in your life, may that be, job or romantically. You can acknowledge this in few ways. Love always continues into a grander form. It never loses its main idea.

“I wanna hold you close, I just never wanna hold you tight”. Ellie Goulding, Goodness Gracious.

Being comfortable, never allows growths, it is consistent on staying put. Comfortable makes you think you don’t need anymore. It’s trying to silence your inner voice, knowing that your cycle is a continuation of spirit. The spirit that doesn’t crave disruption, but assistance to reach its capital.

Being content does otherwise. It grants innovation. It tells you softly that no matter what at your core you’ll never lose who you are, you will adapt, you will fall, but you’ll come back, refined, but still with soul principle.


Whereas, in a job that you know isn’t you’re calling is being content. Its saying to life that you know there’s more to do, but being gracious about where you are for the time being. It knows that one day you might up and leave, but not right away. We all know that while we are in the mixing up of decisions that the frame we are in could change.  Comfortable means your job is your be all and end all of your soul. It isn’t. Your job title, despite how high or low in position, is nothing to define you by. It’s just your survival duty.“Attachment is suffering”  as The Buddha says. You can of course flourish within, but not become attached.  Letting suggestions filter through rather than letting it burden.

Elizabeth Gilbert spoke once of the foundation we thought we had, was a cover up as a trap door that suddenly flaps open causing us to fall with no asylum. Just when we think we are so-so are shown otherwise.  Situations that transform before us with no warning. Even the lover we had who thought we could never be without. Once we set up a home, we marry, or have a child, we must indeed remember whether we are in love, or still just settling. As change is ongoing, we mustn’t hide ourselves of these questions.

You must know: comfortable can makes us feel unhappy. Just because surroundings  can give us the nod that where we are great, still knowing you are content gives the nod from our souls. Being able to make a choice with being content helps us ride the sails. Comfortable doesn’t like movement.

Even Eckhart Tolle teaches that one cannot be complacent when they want to be anywhere but here.  That doesn’t means surrendering, by giving in, but really just allowing things to be knowing we are still have the upper hand.

From the book: The Power of Now, BY Eckhart Tolle.

Conscious decisions can only be made when one acknowledges their innermost feeling. If disorder speaks too loud, do question it. We all need a touch of spring cleaning and re decorating. ‘A house is not a home’, unless you get right in thanks to your spirit.

The soul is in constant vibration. Get use to its elasticity, find peace with it. Not possession without it and the rest will follow.  Trust me.

Yours spiritually,



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