The natural high.


Joy is the natural high, as Eckhart Tolle teaches, Joy unlike pleasure and pain, love and hate, happy and sad hath no opposite.  Joy when your at  peacee  is happiness without interruption.

Finding joy is en route from the route of finding peace. Once peace is found, you at a continuous state of joy.ariel blk n white.gif

Throughout your many incarnations of this lifetime, you’ll come to pass many emotions. Sadness, anger, disgust might all be some of them, regardless of these, they do filter though and joy is always left. Shedding all the things that don’t belong to you is the way to get access to your original state. Elizabeth Gilbert describes true heroes are people who have encountered many erroneous times in their lives, but have managed to somehow to their sense of humour, gentleness, and softness as if they had never lost it.

Staying true to form is the only justice you can do for yourself. As a teenager, the enslavement to falling in love becomes a fix. I was a teenager, so high in spirit, fiercely innocent, brightly vulnerable. I had my first fix of falling in love as I started out my early teens, then faced the  withdrawal of the symptoms as I left my first, consistently trying to re capture that same feeling , Again into my next relationship. I was, and sometimes still am dependant on craving that passion to make me feel alive. I wanted to be spoilt in attention. I wanted to feel like the favoured child- The special one. I wished my ego to balloon so big I could feel invincible, big enough that I could never be hurt again and help me figure out my true existence, and that I was of value to someone. The problem with chasing that fix is that you are, always looking for someone to give you a boast. You chase after people who own those qualities that the first did give you and that you think you’re always loved. When two people fall in love with each other, it’s nothing but a trial period before real love kicks in. The chemicals on the brain kicks off high levels of serotonin in the brain, you become starry eyed and your hearts beats as loud as a drum could. Here you feel you have become awake, without realizing your heart was in flow all the time, but this person you are in love with set off a vigorous beat.

I was worthy before it happened, and still am. I am only now, seeking a high, with or without a lover. Technically, my heart was full all the time. I just never paid it attention.

Because of the experience of that, it did distort the gospel of what real love was.   As I learnt in later years when I did learn to love, and was exposed to what loving someone really does for them, as well as Just like in the velveteen rabbit “Real is something that happens to you” when being loved correctly we are brought to our best and authentic selves. Not the self we wish to project for others to see us as, but the self we are destined to fully be.

Furthermore, seeking that natural high may sound a bit bland to begin with. But it’s much beneficial in the long run. We hunger for pronto starts. Only to realize if we started to slow down and not rush for more than what’s in lead of us, we didn’t need that adrenaline buzz because, if we really needed it we wouldn’t be born with it installed in us wouldn’t we?


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