The sin of procrastinating.


The prolonging of duties, tasks and tiny missions, no matter how small could be a real trek.  Most of the time we don’t want to, just because the thought of the effort to begin makes it feel super heavy and  even preparing for it feels like a right-drag.

However isn’t just starting good enough? Starting might be the sturdiest. But a start is better than no start at all.

Starting slow is just as good. From the word go, we start getting the ball rolling, sometimes a push , a kick or a little nudge is all we need because to me, there’s no worse comfort than that of procrastination.

Procrastination is that comfortable sofa, we all sit on. We could sit there and wait for things to happen, wait for the cup of tea to fall into our hands, let the dinner be made.  Getting off the sofa in our minds seems a long way away, but technically it’s shorter in the steps we take in that moment, which correctly are a lot faster than how we imagine them to be.

Procrastination is the excuses we use to give ourselves time to not do things.  There are rarely any benefits. Although we may be waiting for the divine intervention to give us the upper hand, for the duration of the time, most of us just put things on hold most times because of the effort it may require us to make. All the energy that we put into the excuses, we could put into actually performing the tasks required.

 Some of these missions on the other hand could be not as soul destroying as maybe de cluttering the attic, or alphabetically ordering the bookshelf or necessary paperwork, (though I find these chores quite therapeutic) even the functions that enhance our souls.


Something we might think is deemed silly like singing in front of the mirror with our hairbrush, letting ourselves go whilst dancing to the cheesiest of songs, even if the routine dance might not be so in fashion anymore.  Painting, even though we aren’t any Picasso. We stop these things we should be doing because they are of spiritual value. They teach us so not to care for reward, attention and perfection. They are just stuff we need to do, to feel good, and to just simply be. These refresh us and keep us eternally in our greenness.

Once we start being stubborn with our errands. We slowly start saying no to our self development and yes to our laziness and empty excuses. Be stubborn in who you are. And start doing things that let you advance.

There are things we just can’t be bothered to do.  But the secret to overcoming is to just press on wherever you we are, with what we’ve got and candidly jump on the bandwagon.

You don’t have to be a professional singer -just sing, a skilled dancer, just dance, a contemporary well known artist, just make art, but on behalf of who you are, do start.

Don’t let the sofa of procrastination be your bed or you’ll never make it into the next room.

There’s a difference between contentment and comfortable you know.



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