A daily dose of change.


No one ever said transformation was ever painless or uncomfortable. Anyone who has ever been through and change and not felt either of these things, tell them to hook me up with that dealer because those whose stories I’ve heard to come forth to an enticing new beginning and usually startled through a littered ending.

Even for me, change was far from easy.

Despite that, the crazy belief that change has to begin hugely is a myth. I do find the seclusion to change is within our element. It’s in our day to day lives right there in our daily routines.

Now we are all frequently told to eat well, exercise more, cut out the habits and all things that most as the case maybe lead to cancer. But it isn’t just what contributes to us looking attractive but feeling attractive too. The many benefits of conquering change are that we don’t have to lift a heavy load in order to take steps forward, but steady lifting is a day one.

The honorary feeling I try to conquer everyday is that feeling of lightness. I want to remain fully conscious: mind, body and soul. So trying to subsidize this feeling is specks of effort which equal to a payoff. Believe me, it’s a goal worthwhile.

Firstly, I would like all to look into  daily routines. Ask yourself whether you are happy where you’re at. You may just need to tweak changes. As I’ve written before, the mornings are a terrific way to start. Waking up an hour early, it may just shake up the day a bit; even make you feel a little different.

Besides timing, look at what you’re eating. I call bananas, water and strong cup of coffee my happy pills. Researching bananas I found out how valuable they are. Excellent for the brain, full of minerals, vitamins and the kind of sugar, that aids the body without putting on the weight. The mental and emotional aid also includes a release of serotonin that helps sustain the happy hormones in the body. Water, is the magic juice we take for granted,  the taste might be boring but its help for your functions will never bore the body, it gets it all started . Coffee– coffee, a small cup of this caffeine induced drink- like it or not, wakes the brain up with a bang. I dislike when I hear people taking lunch breaks and claiming that they have no time in the morning to prepare lunch (an even better reason to wake up in the morning one hour earlier) and then buying sandwiches which are prepared in stores, probably packed with more artificial than we think, or something less fresh or healthy that may taste nice to start off with but have no real effects in the aftermath. It’s the same money that pays for the chocolate bar or bottle of cola that can pay for something that can be helped to prepare something long lasting and beneficial.

Thirdly: on the topic of money, we all know a silly spender. We may be one. But   somewhere in the land of offers we know drinks can be sold two at a rate of two for a pound, not just one bottle eighty-nine pence, yes folks that an eleven pence save, which might sound stingy but then again you are either getting another bottle for eleven pence so why not get the two?, or a packet of chewing gum in singularly sold at say sixty pence but you walk over to the pound shop and they hold packets three for a pound! That’s a saving of forty pence! Not forgetting the other two packets. Here, isn’t about the saving of the money, it’s just using in a way that benefits long-term. Learning how to be clever with it will make you feel plush even when you aren’t. That’s a way to cheat feeling materialistically rich.

Last but not least. A daily walk. Gather your surroundings and find there must be a place you could walk thirty minutes. It’ll give you something to do with a lover, friend or on your lonesome.  Once you’re on the bus en route to work, you’d see sights you may never plan a day out and go  to, but when you know you have already time ahead, why not get off the bus and wander for a bit.  Even on your way home, if you’ve the time still, do so and walk the remainder of the journey. It’s a pocket sized objective. One that can lead up to healthy metabolism levels, weight loss and for the mind, it’s quite meditative.

So yes, change might require a shot of shifting a few gears, but when day to day, turns into month by month you’ll see the comeuppance.




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