Greetings Dear Morning.

The morning.

The term “I’m not a morning person”   doesn’t ring too well with me.  I find it more or less a lazy excuse for waking up early in the mornings.

Mornings for me are a wondrous thing. I find once I have risen with the time of 7am, I have joined in matrimony with the peak of the day. Regardless having to start work early afternoon, I set time aside for all the things I would usually like it include spaced out in between my day.

Provoked in thought, I wondered about others. I questioned if everyone greeted their mornings, without having to up and go to work. Do we just have to rise with the day, just because we have chores to do? Do we just have to set the alarm knowing we are going to work, and not because we just want to conquer our days to fulfil the most of our human experience?

Now let me just point out, because of that fact I don’t have to start work super early in the morning that the day, still for me, would not begin when, I simply dictate the day around my job. Though, I must structure my time to evolve around it, work, does not give the day the upper hand.

Although people with career based lives will of course, have to structure their days and times adjusted to work. They mustn’t forget to live other than work.

You are spiritual being and you are light. Your lightness should not only be switched on because you believe in the tasks you must complete that oppose to your physical wellbeing. You have other compartments that need forms of domestic art.

A morning for the soul, spiritually, mentally and emotionally are just as important.

However for all elements, here are simple reasons why you must rise, not just for the purpose of a job, but for the direction of a much crowned human experience.

Physically: To increase metabolism, speed and activity the earlier you start to get your body use to movement, the better it would assist you during the day. I love a lie in don’t get me wrong, but do make sure it’s a once a while thing. Your body will tell you when it’s tired during the day and you’ll notice it’s not everyday you’ll be feeling overall tired. Set an early night, or a later day alarm once a week for a good catch up sleep. Even if you know you’re not going anywhere. Conquer the day earlier and you could always have a power charge sleep for an hour or so during the day, that’s most powerful than a lie in because, you would’ve most probably earned it, whilst having used your energy doing all things you would’ve got out-of-the-way already. One commodity in reference to metabolisms is having a bottle of water to kick-start its cycle and this would be the one of four bottles you would have a day. It’s important to keep flushing so why not get it out of the way as soon as possible? A fruit as well is not such a bad idea either. A banana for the morning does great work for your happy hormones. It doesn’t take long to prepare and on a special note is actually fast food. A quick gym fix or morning work you could squeeze in aswell.

Mentally: the mind needs its vibrancy as much as our bodies do.  Notice that as soon as you wake the seven seconds in that morning the mind is silent before it’s begins with its automatic thinking? The mind, as they say, has a mind of its own, so technically get in their first with your thoughts. To control your day start with your mental notes.  Welcome the day and introduce it with a quote such as: I’m going to have a good day, or today look beautiful.  Even if it rains. The day is still fresh. Thought it maybe dark, it’s still a new day. The sun doesn’t have to shine for it to be brand new. It just has to begin.  A form of meditation, or a ritual that  connects you to an empty mind that only has a staircase for only good, Godlike thoughts to walk up and into it.

Emotionally : I am truly compassionate when it comes to our feelings. Feelings are what help us connect with not only ourselves but others. They are to help guide us through a spiritual change.  Passing through sad emotions isn’t easy. Any emotion that doesn’t assist us to feel good-by all means, Is-not-easy. However, you funny have to summit to those emotions: A heavy sadness, fear, worry, guilt are all emotions that are natural to experience once in a while. For long periods of time, be it as it may, it’s not blooming for your soul. So instead of feeding those pests of emotions, try to begin a day that doesn’t let you stay focus on them.  Again with your metabolism, once you start feeling energized, this will lead you to feel lighter rather than heavier because your emotions enable you to feel so. I know in terms of depression, the lifestyle change is very important. With baby steps, you could start by improving in the day to say changes. This means no more lay INS until you’ve earned it. Don’t let your body drift into more sleep when the same energy that goes into your lie on could go into the day. Re arranging and planning small tasks and chores will give your life more purpose. Jobless or not, you are still being that needs attention, so do bear this in mind. You do mean something, with or without one.

Spiritually: My favourite part of the deal. Those of you who don’t believe in Godliness, higher power or any kind of divine energy, this although at the bottom of the list is still increasingly important as the above points. As all points interlinks, the soul needs the same growth as any of these points. Do remember if you set a certain amount of time towards your earthly tasks, you must your spiritual evolution. This is because, beyond human form as I repeat, you are spirit; spirit is light and in order for you to gain more connection to your lightness, and you must eradicate slowly all things that may get in the way of you feeling heavy.

Khloe Kardashian in her book: Strong looks better naked, mentions the term of being a child, and that you have to cater to your inner child. My of course, should you nourish that but you must also know in the name of tough love that each child needs forms of discipline. Discipline is getting yourself up prematurely, so you can unfold the same way life does. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust it a little.

Remember that this is all in the name of love. Love for all compartments of your residence. You do it out of kindness to yourself; you do it out of compassion for yourself and do it for the sake of your existence because somewhere the beginning is in your restraint.

I’m not saying that upping when the day gets going will cure-all your motions. It won’t magically transform you instantly.  But what it will do is give you a chance to get in the driver’s seat and seize authority. That’s all.

You don’t have to be a morning person, and you firstly don’t have to like it.  Still, doing it you might.

See you at the break of dawn. 😉



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