The Tomato





Fruits and vegetables are the realist food we could ever incorporate into our day to day lives. Each bright colour will become increase  you as a brightly coloured human.  They are active in vitamins and bouncy fruit juices that help assist us to look good: hair, skin and body. I came across a debate and I just wished to discuss:

The tomato:

A Fruit or vegetable?

The tomato, some of us will know it as a sauce ingredient, some of us a part of a prop for an art class. Others will have worked with it in their day to day jobs either as farmer of those who just stack and pack in shops like Tesco’s.

Nonetheless, the red the squishiest or ripened product causes a little debate: Though it contains seeds, it does look properly rather odd when added to the family of fruit in our symbolic fruit bowl in the middle of our dining table.

Like I mentioned because of the seeds, it is and should be classed a fruit. Now,

It has simply been segregated and pushed aside into the vegetable category. Ideally, I would believe it’s a vegetable, as with cucumber, lettuce and onion can be placed in a sandwich or salad and not taste out of place. It would be seen growing in a vegetable patch growing patch next to its friends, even broccoli may welcome its neighbour.

But banana and apple? Will they take poor tomato into their arms and honour it as they would an orange or plum?

Now the family of vegetables are brightly coloured just as well as the coordination of fruits in a fruit bowl so what’s the difference? Does a vegetable not contain seeds? Cucumbers contain tiny fragments of seed like stuff within it, plus sweet corn coming to think of it.

If we mix into human biology, we all of different, skin tones& structures, I mean you name it, we are it. But whilst would we debate ones appearance to which category that we all belong to, we just cannot accept the fact  that by pushing around another form of us, might make us feel slightly inadequate.

We wouldn’t want Mr Tomato, to feel like he belonged to the dough family, just because he had a little squishiness to him!

As a living breathing being, I do consider that we do enough criticizing, neglecting and bullying in human form; let’s not take that down to the food we eat. I say, as well, just because it may be born green, then turns red, we would suddenly class it as one of our greens if it stayed green.

It wouldn’t fair to discriminate against colour either.

And in terms of what belongs where…

I say, let the tomato decide. Its voice must be actively speaking in fruitology or vegology for that matter.



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