Submission of a woman should be noted as a option not order.


I came across a customer last week who made a suggestion that she should be willing to take orders from her husband and become obedient, as all women should be in service for the men in their lives.

Strikingly, this woman was not mouse like, as I would name the natural submissive stereotype. , slightly bold in speech when said .She said it was something her religion required. But many whom I have spoken to about the submission of a woman and how she chooses to cater to her man, have all said that submission should be a want, not need. A woman should do it out of freewill and not because ordered by her husband.

Tradition teaches that from way back when women and men first came to form those women had to be obedient to their husbands. Or this was the idea. Coming forth into the twenty first century, we western women seem to know different.

I use to view submission as a sign of weakness. Nowadays I see it as a sign of strength. Only however if a woman chooses to do so. She wants to look after her home and family. Not because she feels she has to do so.

In the world of Hollywood Katharine Hepburn in her book: Ms Hepburn speaks of her devotion to her beau, Spencer Tracy. She described Love as:

 Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything”

But in my opinion this should be by choice, not order. I know when a person can love, emotionally has invested emotion, Invested time, and possibly financially too. In retrospect one must learn how much of those to give and in some way seeing what one does get back. Because sometimes, giving your all to someone may not mean getting anything back, however what it may mean is just purely reflecting on the fact that what your giving should be respected and appreciated to say the least.

Sometimes we need to understand we should want to give, but only when the pillar of our self love is so strong that you can extend that same love, respect and honour  you have within onto another or more others. Really, we all think we know this, but unconsciously some of us don’t. We must realise the readiness to give is in the readiness of how stable we actually are. You should want to give, don’t get me wrong, joy is more in giving than receiving, but make sure the receiver is appreciative and understands that you are giving from freewill and not force and not just because you’re a female, but because you’re a stable, loving human who wants to.


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