It’s not a heavy rainfall or a sunny day, it’s a little grey.

Loving yourself isn’t just when you’re at your profound joyousness, your most beautiful and fully functional.

Let’s talk the cloudy times. Times when you’re stuck and when you don’t feel your highest self. This is for most a daily battle, and some ongoing. It’s not a heavy rainfall or a sunny day, it’s a little grey.

Journeying through our earth school, we do forget ourselves. Our being is so important.  Without us micro blended into human flesh the world cannot precede. The thickest darkest cloud can overshadow us and the mood solidifies and we stay stuck.  How it got here, it slowly crept up and decided to take its shoes off and make itself at home.  Perhaps not A Hello Depression, But how are you, sadness?

Horrible little bitch it is! But check this… you’ve got to sit with her.

What you need to do to shake off these feelings is first, let yourself feel it. Sometimes sadness wants to draw your attention to something, you need to discover the root cause and start to self talk.  It may be even the thought of going to the same job, that you thought you were finding it ok, but slowly it begins chipping away at a part of you and you feel you need a change.  It could be something one has said to you, that you feel saddened you but instead of challenging it, you swept under the carpet and left it to collect dust. Eventually, it’s mounted up. Your partner may not be giving the same attention as they did before and you wish they would cater to you the same way. Small changes can work oppositely if they are the things you forget to state in thankfulness.

I have a darling friend who taught me never to force myself out the mood. Not to do things because everyone else said it would be good for me. If I never felt it, I wouldn’t do it. If just like her, I never felt like getting in a photo or I didn’t feel good, I would fake and smile for a Kodak moment, I would take myself away the from the scene. In another moment when I was ready I would be strong enough to participate.

“Sometimes I’m the mess. Sometimes I’m the broom. On the hardest days, I have to be both”. Rudy Francisco.



The participation in events as a therapist once told me is rightly important. The reason why some of us stay low is because we never increase our level of activity.

Housework isn’t appealing at the best of times, but it’ll teach us not to sit and sink into what we are already feeling. We want it to get better, not worst.

Despite this, Sadness is not your natural state.  Joy is indeed, our inheritance of our soul jewels. In order to get hold of them, we must keep within the norms of activity. Our daily routine can sometimes be a savage.  Its consistency may give us stability; however, the knowing of what we are going to do everyday becomes so clichéd.  You might not shift this mood immediately, so why not invite it with you to your walk, your work, and it eventually it may get fed up or it may pass. The blues crept up in bite size bits; so technically, you may need to do some undoing slowly, in bite size pieces. You cannot instantly get a fix, so let’s take small steps.  A part reason why some stay captured in a rut, is because where liveliness is a training process, they don’t want to try because it feels like the results are miles away. Does it for five minutes, do it for the following ten, and then see how an hour passes.

Self reflect

Once we pass in the streets, we wonder past a stranger…. do we smile?

When we stand in the mirror in the morning, do we attempt to smile at ourselves? We must try looking at ourselves through our looking glasses and watch with delight the face that everyone see’s at all times. The effort to maintain tender loving care for the self and other selves is a job-Tiny little effort.  Sometimes making someone else feel lighter can help us out of our heaviness because, you’ve managed to extend your little self care prophecy in them.

Keep some stars.

Whether you found solace in music. Practice a dance, or have an out of the ordinary hobby, do study your craft. Working isn’t living unless you’re doing the job you love. But still, you should set time aside to do the stuff that money, or perfection doesn’t need to be returned or achieved.

Try to parent yourself. Are you inspired by the way you’ve been brought up and looked after? Has a person you loved ever asked you more questions about how your feeling? Put yourself in their shoes and instead of them asking you, ask yourself the questions they would ask you.

Be gentle to be kind. You are such a glowing being. Without your light as a contribution how could this world shine without you? Aren’t you important to someone? You owe you some entity. Love isn’t just about the soft and steady; you still need to deliver it when you’re feeling heavy. Help support your heavy load.

 You must associate yourself with: kindness, love, warmth, empathy. Yes- you deserve it.

Embrace the relevant.

It might not flick a switch so suddenly and it may take its time, but shedding the weight of situations and people which do not contribute to your happiness is a way forward. You need distance yourself in slow proportions, you must bless those who cause you upset, and you know at times, people don’t realize what they do. Them who think they do still do, they don’t know that making someone feel below them is just because they’ve lost power. In order for them to gain power is to belittle another, just so they can feel superior. But here are the secret guys… true authentic power is being able to connect with people on a level. It’s being able to sincerely pluck up a connection with another, and being able to take the lead from there. If someone is trying to make you feel weak, I can assure you, they are the weak ones. To trample over someone so they can walk high is only at the expense of their shortcomings. You need not put someone before you if you know your wellbeing isn’t it their best interests. Remember some don’t know how to love you because, they really unknowingly, don’t delight in themselves.

A shift in your daily routine may need a break true. Your spirit will cry for some kind of change because it isn’t supposed to be structured, so give it a rise. It needs conversion and will work with you daily if you learn that you must cater to it, as well your mental wellbeing.

For the next time you start feeling better, you’ll feel joy at a substance because you’ve worked so hard to get it. This time round you would much value your good days and they’ll last a lot longer. Not only that, the ingredients in your days would taste more succulent and for that, you’ll be in deeper state of grace.

But I like cloudy days, for they are peaceful. Happiness is a high, and coming down from it may feel like a low, but it’s not. The goal is contentment, so when you find it try keeping afloat and remembering that sometimes you may need your dark times, to help you shine bright.

Who would have thought?




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