Let us Magnitude our Gratitude

 ‘Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.’ Epicurus


The Magic by Rhonda Byrne introduced me to the power of gratitude. This magnified to me all things I had, but hadn’t noticed or in fact taken for granted. The best thing about this was it brought to my attention everything small that I had pushed aside in my path that I thought were meaningless and that drew me to believe that all things,.And I wasn’t that lucky.

Just small stories around me allowed me to gather information and piece together how lucky, crossed out, replaced with blessed, I was. Following on, I was able to touch upon the basic things around me, what I considered not so much big deals, and able to re add substance to them.

A fascinating idea, that was brought to my love for gratitude is that I found that it actually worked. Within moments I am able to calm down a storm of harrowing thoughts, just by slowing them down and blessings every good aspect of that thought. Not only that… I realised how much of a cure it is for anxious ways. I have grown to believe that the power of gratitude is truly healing.

Among us our many who feel that they have what they have because they are entitled to it. Why of course? Who chose to be born, especially into poverty as supposed to not having as much as others? However, in a world we live in, the things we hadn’t chosen were in fact GIVEN to us!

I read once that one should never comment on a girl’s face, rather her clothes, as the face she hadn’t chosen, but her clothes she did. So I put this into perspective for the basics in life that were already placed before us for our existence to unfold.  That being, how we look when we wake in the morning, where we live, and our access to clean water, food and warmth via Gas and what we  are surrounded by.

Moving on, sometimes we don’t realise how bless we were by someone who hurt us. Ongoing pain will somewhat soon be a memory. Sometimes, we wish we had held on to one we once let go. We must Thank God for the relationships that never worked. Caroline Myss and Iyanla Vanzant both teach that all relationships come to us at the precise time and moment. Strongly suggesting that those who hurt us, it was their job to do so. The reason why they creep through the back door, deceiving us in such a world wind of subsidize romance is for the fact that if we knew, the monster would jump out from under the bed; we will not look down with eagerness.

Humans are bound to choosing wrongly, when spiritually asleep, will make decision based on illusions rather than spiritual truth.  On top of this, would be already sleeping walking though life so, choosing a mate they just ‘ fall in love with’ would be a lead way to greater pain and deep unhappiness.

Gratitude only increases the frequency to a lightened soul. Causing it to understand that in this human experience, we are hugely blessed to have, what we do and do not have, if we choose to look at it through the lenses of thankfulness.


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