Introduction: Once Upon A Human Experience.

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I currently write for Infinity House Magazine, though I am highly appreciative and gracious for the experience this is just another platform my thoughts and opinions.
I write to express myself first and foremost. Being able to extend into words, throwing out all I have learnt through reading, interviews and real life experience.
I write for my soul purpose, as a conversationalist to discuss, a truth seeker, to shakedown what is already out there and chase my own core pure legitimacy. A wistful, free thinker because I know a mind like an ocean, intensifies many depths.
As a pen to paper girl, I encapsulate my freedom of being able to pronounce all I learn and examine. Not only through blogging will I teach I will come upon answers to my own questions. Writing gives me a purpose. It actualizes tranquillity between the peaceful and a messier me.

Through a process of self sensing, I have managed to discover my niche:

  • Spirituality,
  • Self-help 
  • Life stories

Why these three?
Looking for my true spirit really was when I was looking for my truth.
I guess you could say I’ve always been a spiritual person. I, for as long as I could remember have always believed in God and was no stranger to the communication of prayer. Finding a religion on the other hand has been a different story. Although most of us were given a religion, Religion has been highly glossed. For most of us it gives us guidance, stability and a root to the higher faith. Without dismissing all religions, because really that would go against my personal spiritual values, I’ve come to grasp of knowledge of all. But I’ve concluded that none of them suit me. For me, living a truly fulfilled human experience would me finding my own meaning of spirituality. That would mean, one: finding my own meaning of what I feel God is, two: including that into my daily lifestyle and three: becoming more and more of that sense of spirit. The topic of the soul has been a forthright passion. Becoming fascinated in discovering further than the third eye revives me. The soul leads me to the purpose of our true Godliness. I have come to believe that for me to live in true essence is to embrace my life as a huge human experience- including the notion that I am a soul and in that , I am the particle of the extension of God, and that’s my Godliness.
Self help: Through many depressive episodes. Not only did those arenas of darkness add substance to myself, they advanced me in my knowledge to help turn on my own light. Giving myself my own helping hand, help me discover myself as a human with true power. Following on from spirituality, which is my soul basis, helps me deal with the mind at whole. Giving advice has become my forte. Through becoming a friend of my own, I also multiply the ability for others to do the same. With all I have traversed in, my wisdom is indeed a souvenir. Guidance to others, is the wish I would give back, to uplift others the way I have done so myself. As I’ve walked this earths wonderland ,I have encountered therapists which has also given me more encouragement to help myself. Seeing how they can assist me into a journey for a positive life has made me want to do the same, for myself and others as long as I can.
Life stories:
How all us human beings interlink extremely delights me. We all have a story, some hold a book, others libraries but we each have something to read, to link us to each other, reflect, and excite. Stories are more than just for the sake of entertainment they are about connection. Although I am somehow drawn to the idea of celebrity I do take joy in the ordinary, so called common people.
Everyone unites with all. We all have a mark to leave; we all embrace each other’s and study what others have left behind. The most extraordinary thing is no two narrations are ever the same. The realness and authenticity in a story is keeps us in resemblance to one another. Time after time, a lesson is also taught, a trial is followed through and a teacher is born.
Life experiences being shared via various forms of imaginativeness is a delicious offering. Buried in our souls, is the unsinkable potential of our undivided, rooted love of story hood. Regardless of our talent, all of us through conversations, wounds, and communications hold in us wisdoms and characters to assist us all on this earthly experience. We optimistically, all have each other’s backs.
Without further ado, I am willing to pay my contribution of creativity with this work. My online diary of spirituality, self help and life stories is an offer to you, of my own fragment of who I am, what I think, and what I know.
Let’s wrap up this introduction and follow through with my blog:

 Once Upon a Human experience.

Spiritually Yours:




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